Lifestyles Of Many Shepherds And Prophets In Celestial Church

September 1, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

Many people visit CCC for various reasons, including current and past members. Weekly prophetic consultations are heavily patronized by our local parishes.

Many of our shepherds and prophets now serve as spiritual advisers to a variety of politicians, and they constantly brag about it because they view the opportunity as a huge shortfall for them. Many of them boast that a powerful politician should consult them because of the effectiveness of the spiritual power they possess.

In their sleepy sermons, many of these shepherds and prophets boast about how so-and-so just departed their parish without hearing the true Word of God preached to them. They are mostly concerned with their bank accounts. Do they genuinely want to be saved? To avoid upsetting a politician, they won’t provide their redemption.

Many shepherds and prophets believe that when a politician comes to provide spiritual teachings, their prayers for all of their demands will be answered. However, they forget that God sent you to them to preach salvation to help them alter their way of life. But to avoid upsetting them, you rejected God’s Word due to your financial situation.

Anyone can call himself a shepherd or a prophet, but do you represent what God knows you to be? In the CCC, we know who are authentic prophets or shepherds. Do the sheep view you in that way? We won’t know unless you identify yourself as a shepherd because some of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing. We were aware due to your deeds and actions.

As a shepherd and prophet, you have strayed from preaching God’s Word if you have declined to win souls for Christ because of what to eat and wear. Unknowingly, you have failed in your obligations. Make it a practice to spread the gospel both in handy and uncomfortable places.


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