Lifestyles Of Some Elders In CCC (Video)

August 27, 2022 / Alonge Michael / CNOTV / 1 Comment »

I see some elders who have worked well in all ramifications in CCC living a life of someone that has no God. It is a pity that most of our elders above the age of 70 years are still seen going from one harvest to another because of the stipends they are going to get. Do we regard this to be service to God or service to self and humanity?

It has got to a stage where we hide no words beneath our tongues. Many of these elders do not even have a cubicle let alone a house built by themselves as a shelter for themselves and their families. Many of them live in rented apartments. And nobody is not seeing that something is wrong.

Papa Oshoffa had a mini-estate in Ikosi, there are some we learnt he even gave out landed properties to, at least, Baba Okunlola told me about this before his demise. But because these men do not align or have failed to align themselves to the calling of Papa SBJ Oshoffa, things are working against the law of progress for them. They were following Papa because of bread and not because they keyed into the Kingdom work.

You can imagine someone who has worked for 60 years in this church still living in penury, how is that possible? What is he doing wrong? Why is it so? Is God sleeping? No God is not. The Bible in Romans 2:6 says, “God will repay each person according to what they have done.” Does that mean our elders have not done well?

It pains my heart that most of our elders have lost it, it is so sad that none of them is even thinking of heaven even when they know they are already candidates for heaven. If at this stage, they never got it right, when then?

And you see some youth following their footsteps and thinking the best is all they have given to us and the church, it is a pity….let me go do my crying in the rain!

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One response to “Lifestyles Of Some Elders In CCC (Video)”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Congratulations in all: may God bless more and more CNO and others reliable spiritual platforms in CCC worldwide: Amen!
    I didn’t know your platform owns its TV. That’s very interesting:
    Descending from a conference on CCC, I discovered your intervention which I like and I encourage you and your collaborators to keep on informing peacefully the fold.
    Please, your platform being one of the best actually in CCC worldwide, I wish you show it by revealing each time what has been and leaded to the actual great chaos CCC is living.
    For God sake, let every celestians know about the genesis of the situation ongoing. I’m far of being a defense (God knows) to EMFO who is my senior of 3 years: but before God and men, I have to deliver only the truth.
    Did you know what happened oversea concerning anointments when Suprem Evangelist A.A. BADA (next to the burial ceremonies of the FOUNDER) self acclaimed pastor? So when it got to Superior AGBAOSSI’s ears that BADA was gaining much money from it, he also self acclaimed pastor and what followed was a big disappointment up to date.
    He who sent for EMFO inserting that he was spiritually the chosen one, did worse than the two first betrayers of the Founder’s memory.
    Did you heard about Baba AJANLEKOKO’s reactions then against ? Even news of that time are still to date. A former british celestial white woman asked the Founder question about His succession and each time, He replied to the woman that God is on the control. Then the woman asked Him again question about S.E. BADA; the Founder replied that the S.E. BADA would respect what the Holy Spirit said about His succession.
    Please Elder M. ALONGE, did you know how many times I met both S.E. BADA, AGBAOSSI and their onowu? See the state of EMFO: why can’t people around him make good spiritual suggestions to him in sense of a good restoration of CCC? EMFO as I used to say in my different writing is not the root of these problems of anointments but has to stop it forever and ever. None of those around him was there on october saturday 15th 1983 at Imeko when the Founder declared publicly after the laying ceremonies of the Basilica ” henceforth” all He was used to doing at Seme has passed to Imeko including anointments. But did our two most elders AA BADA, AGBAOSSI, plus elder OWODUNNI respect the legacy of the Founder?
    I’m over 71 in CCC (born in from the 2nd historic family of CCC) and nothing can make me to support the wrong against the Founder’s legacy that’s why I’m like a lonesome wolf very far away from their problems of anointment and ” egungun agbada” the Founder had never mentioned in His lifetime.
    Spiritual messages through my modest person warned EMFO not to go astray because of people around him. Suppose a minute he were a self autonome somebody, the result wouldn’t be what we are facing today. People need daily bread and find in him the greatest opportunity to accomplish their desire: CCC growing is not their problem. I’m sorry EMFO came to inherit that smelling situation; but he, being the senior child of the Founder, has to stop firmly all these rubbishes. Unfortunately, this is how we all are. May God have mercy of us.
    Moreover I’m pleading from you to avoid some topics which can lead to discouragement of the fold and surely God of Pa OSCHOFFA the Greatest REWARDER ever seen will reward you in Jesus’Mighty Name: Amen !
    Elder LEVI M. YANSUNNU (

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