Luli Concert: Time To Stand Up For Responsibility By Prophet Sola Oduwole

October 23, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 4 Comments »

luli-13Alleluia brethren, if the same way we flooded the Internet with # LuliConcert , if the same way we shouted it, screamed and promoted it. If the same way we branded it so well (first of its kind) to meet international standard. If the same way even Linda Ikeji could not ignore the #LuliConcert brand and had to post it.

If the same way our Youths rose together and spoke with one voice (for the first time ever) and with one good intention. If the same way the Pastor and the Spiritual Head could not afford not to be at the stadium and left Imeko for this same cause. If the same way the Glory of CCC Central Choir can be brought back with that massive choir. If if if if if and if…. If we could do this, then why can’t our youth arose in same one voice to shake the world about what celestial Church really is?

Why can’t the CCC Youth rise to responsibility, rise against character assassination of the Celestial Church image? Why can’t the CCC Youth rise to let the world know that we are not cult, but a mighty congregation of purpose with a mandate to cleanse the world for Christ? Why can’t the CCC Youth rise against sexual immorality, drunkenness, vulgar speech and un-christ-like dance in our churches? Why can’t the CCC Youth rise to defend the Oshoffa Legacy? Why can’t the CCC Youth speak against division and discrimination among our elders?

Why can’t the CCC Youth speak and pray in one voice for Imeko to be built? Why why why why??? To us, #LuliConcert is to show case to the world what we have, who we are, and what our choir can do; but the truth is the world knows already. They know we’ve got it and that is why they flooded their church and choir with our children that carry the Deut 28:1-14 mandate on their head, they prospered and grew their church with our products.

But to God, #LuliConcert was divinely arranged and allowed to let us know that we can do it if we really want to, that the Celestial Youth and choir can preach a message of unity and peace to the world. That if we stand together we shall surely cleanse the world. That if we keep the minds, heads and hands of our youths busy with meaningful responsibilities it will cure the mass exodus of our breeds out of the church, and #Bringbackouryouths who already left. Celestial Church, this is the time to stand up for responsibility, time to arise to take charge, time to let the world know who we really are (I can’t count how many times I’ve been stopped on the street of Washington DC by the whites, they don’t know who and what we are, and why we have to remove our shoes and walk barefooted).

God bless the minds, hands and brains behind #LuliConcert. God bless every one of you that went out in large numbers to attend (you made it possible). God bless BABA Adetiran for us and all the guest artists that performed. God bless our Pastor for attending and God bless the Celestial Church of Christ. Pls let’s have a prototype of the #LuliConcert at Imeko this year and please let #LuliConcert continue in Jesus name.

– Prophet Sola Odubowale (CCC National HQ – Washington DC)

4 responses to “Luli Concert: Time To Stand Up For Responsibility By Prophet Sola Oduwole”

  1. Solomon says:

    Au i which dis should b done every year, cos dis is d best among all concert, i mean up to international standard. Halleluyah ni orin wa cos ijo mimo ni yio we aye mo.

  2. ogundipe kehinde says:

    Luli concert should have be done 10 years ago we ccc your should learn to be productive….our shepherds should support youth in there parishes

  3. adeyemi omotayo ademobanj says:

    impressive and i really love this and may god almighty continue to enlarge his folds

  4. HMSE Giwa Olu Adebayo-Danirl says:

    This is encouraging, I love the spirit of oneness you preached, I appreciate the ginger given to our youths and the church in general. We have slept for too long and I believe this is the time to wake up. Let like minds come together for praises. God is at work and will empower us to do more with the cooperation of prople morally and financially. God bless u all.

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