Maforikan: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly…His Firebrand Power

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MaforikanIt was with unbelievable shock that the news of the demise of a very popular elder within the celestial church of Christ was received on Wednesday August 10, 2016, to some it sounded as a rumour, well, that is not the story here.  The gist here is what made the man to be so feared and greatly misunderstood.

Different men of God and spiritual leaders have diverse gifts of the spirit which serves as their “trademark”, for some it is laying on of hands, for others, it is vision and power backed prayers and prophecy for others. For the late spiritual leader of a breakaway faction of the Celestial Church, like the biblical Elijah who was so blessed with the tremendous gift to speaking things/calling it into being, you can also term it as prophecy, Suru Maforikan, no doubt until he took his last breadth was the Celestial church modern day version of Prophet Elijah.

The Octogenarian Maforikan is so gifted that a gathering of leaders in which was a particular man who had an accident and was on crutches, on sighting the condition of the said leader, baba Maforikan   did not touch or pray for him, but only ordered him to drop the crutches and walk, according to those who were witness, as baba Maforikan commanded it so was it and the man walked without the crutches.

He was so feared that everyone within his presence was always careful of what they would utter lest they unknowingly pronounce negativity into being, either concerning themself or any other person. For it is said that at a point in time during the cause of an altercation with Baba Maforikan, an aggrieved man who could not hold his anger in check or control his utterance, either to prove he was fearless or he was not just aware of the power that resided in the great leader was said to have uttered the words ”ma se were fun yin”  translated to mean, I will show you the insanity in me.  It was gathered that immediately the man made this declaration and stepped out he ran totally mad. So as a man says he would be and whatever he calls into life in the presence of Maforikan so would it be.

Another happening that was credited to him was one where he was said to have caused the miscarriage of a pregnant woman whose pregnancy was far gone due to an obvious disregard of church principle and doctrine forbidding a woman from taking over the helms of affair within the church. I am sure the question on your lips right now is, how did he make this happen? No, he did not go into the altar or call on any angel according to the rumour, all he was said to have done to pass his message across was just a retightening of his loin “Amure” and before the blinking of an eye, the woman was said to have started bleeding, thus leading to the loss of the pregnancy.

A particular man in Oyo State was also said to have offended Baba Maforikan, he called one of his spiritual fathers, Superior Evangelist Ajayi of Orire Parish, Oyo State that he should seriously warn his ‘son’ hence he would hurt his leg, at that juncture, the said man who had caused him that rage, was at another place different from where Baba Maforikan was having a discussion with Baba Ajayi, fell from a bike and lost his leg. Till date, the man limps.

These and many more were things the late prophet was said to have done that this space cannot contain if we start to write about it.


2 responses to “Maforikan: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly…His Firebrand Power”

  1. white bull says:

    daughter of holy goast, i beg how do you know he will burn in fire. who are you to gudge. read what the brother wrote, the guy said ma se were fun yin, he as already said it, in front of a man of God, he didnt cause him but he caused himself. even in the bible when too couples came b4 peter and tole a lie that this is all what they have, bcos they lied they fell and died, that in the act of apostles. and that is the new testerment. if he married many wifes nko he took care of them and all his kids are doing fine some are men of God in diffrent parihes. we are all sinners both you me and him, he performed some miracle with the power of GOD that i withness, and their are some bad things people say about him, so who are you to gudge, a daughter of holygoast saying a man of God should burn in fire. what you have said is already a sin whether he is bad or good may the lord forgive all of us. if you are with out sin cast the first stone?????

  2. daughter pf holyghost says:

    At times when I read some post, it’s really pathetic. Did you mean he actually did all this… with other things marrying more than one wife, with all the money money he gets from harvest. Am sorry to tell you that this is not the teaching of Jesus Christ
    Jesus said.i am meek and lowly. Jesus Christ is greater than Elijah, Moses, Elisha and other prophet. These prophets has flaws we shouldn’t emulate at all. Jesus is the perfect example for us to follow.
    Am sorry to tell you this that if his name is not found in the book of life, don’t just assumed in the heaven. The man is.right in hell fire where he will burn forever. Don’t forget people like cain, balaam, king Saul, korah, they are all in hell fire bcoz they died without repentance.
    No.amount of Amisa you will offer will change his destination. He has.done a lots of evil. So when those people ran mad, was it In Jesus Name he prayed. Pls spare me and stop posting lies. With all evil things this man did. You still come out to call evil good. Pls repent ooooooo it’s an.abomination before God. He has lived an unrighteous life before his death. If he repented genuinely then Jesus will forgive him but my brother a lots of founder, reverend are right now burning in hell fire o

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