Magic Or Power Of God? Prophet Turns Water Into Blood During Church Service

August 18, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Flames From The Web / 1 Comment »

blood-of-jesus 2It’s still uncertain if what has happened was enhanced by some Magical effort or strictly God;s at work. A certain prophet has allegedly turned water into blood right inside the church while his church members eagerly watched in total dismay.

Prophet Fernando is a South African clergyman and is popularly referred to as Prophett Ralidzivha, reason for his name is because he loves to stir serious attention.

The charismatic prosperity gospel preacher recently claimed to possess spiritual power to turn water into blood, a comment which left many South Africans talking.

According to The Southern Daily, the prophet made true his claim at a recent service.

Prophett Ralidzivha reportedly asked his congregants to put water inside a steel dish and then write prayer requests on papers.

After putting the pieces of paper in the dish, the prophet reportedly prayed for the ‘prayer requests’ which then turned into blood instantly.

Southern Daily reports that this not the first time “miracles” like this would occur in his church as people have experienced different kinds of shocking “miracles, signs and wonders before in his church”

No video evidence could be found to confirm if the ‘miracle’ happened indeed, or if it is / was just one of those staged miracles.

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