The Magnetic Pull Of CCC On Lanre Teriba, Dare Melody, Busola Oke Eleyele, Segun Kokoro

January 22, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 9 Comments »

Busola Eleyele Kokoro lanre-teribaThe names mentioned above are familiar to everyone within and outside the fold of CCC, these are notable gospel singers whose faces and names have become household items. But beyond this, we would like to shed light on some grey areas as it concerns these personalities.

Evangelist Lanre Teriba, Dare Melody, Busola Oke Eleyele and an Ibadan based Baba-Ara sing-alike, Segun Adewole popularly called Kokoro are fantastic singers. With a verse sense of creativity which has set them miles ahead of other gospel artistes in the country. But one funny question I will ask is what these talented acts are doing in Celestial Church of Christ?

Before now, Lanre Teriba who was born about 40 years ago in Lagos, to the family of late Pa Samuel Oladimeji Awomosu Teriba, was a member of Cherubim and Seraphim. In fact, even after the album that brought him to limelight, he was still an active member of the C&S fold.

Shortly after the first album and while preparing for a follow-up, the popularity he garnered was mostly in Celestial Church, according to the survey, most of the people who engaged him then for events  were in the Celestial Church. Of course, it’s only a short-sighted fellow who doesn’t appreciate value, that will jettison gold for silver.

This reminds me of a place in the constitution of the church under Divine Order No 9 ‘Open Air Meeting’ where God gave Papa Oshoffa a vision in an illustration of one Kobo and two Kobo, that only an unwise person will not drop one kobo for two Kobo. Today, the story is coming to fruition because seeing these artistes, Lanre Teriba, Dare Melody, Bu
Dare melodysola Oke Eleyele, Segun Adewole and others who were members of the Cherubim and Seraphim to have relocated from their root to Celestial Church of Christ speaks volume. Whatever it is, many of such talented artistes continue to join the foray to take the light and shine of CCC beyond boarders in their chosen field of praising Jehovah and winning souls for His kingdom.

Or have you not noticed this movement too?

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9 responses to “The Magnetic Pull Of CCC On Lanre Teriba, Dare Melody, Busola Oke Eleyele, Segun Kokoro”

  1. Olusheyi Coker says:

    Uncle lanre teriba is not an evangelist is Lanre teriba pls note that.but Dare is Evangelist because his songs make sense,

  2. iyiola says:

    the most annoying thing is attaching evanglist to these artistes as title. pls is there any of their albums that deeply evangelise? dont be carried away when they call themselves evangelist, let us wait until they become one.

  3. Sanni says:

    God bless u temidayo

  4. Sanni says:

    God bless u tmidayo

  5. Sanni says:

    Fetus baba imole ayo he’s still an active member of d church n a shepherd now,guess u weren’t @ luli 2016 get facts b4 u talk

  6. Balogun Taiwo says:

    All I just pray for in this fold is unity,pls let comply and be one….

  7. Temidayo says:

    @ Festus
    There are times and season under the heaven
    Igba Kan nlo, Igba Kan nbo loni Ile aiye.
    Imole Ayo as at today is still an active member of Celestial Church of Christ and his evergreen songs ar still relevant in every christian home in Southwest

  8. Festus says:

    It will be unwise to think all these artistes have church to worship. They are only there to make money, just to do business. So, don’t rejoice. Where is Imole Ayo today?

  9. Oluwatumise says:

    Halleluyeh to busola Oke

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