Majemu Oluwa Shepherd’s Daughter, Busayo Omidiora Weds Timilehin Omogbehin (Photos)

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Come Saturday December 10, 2016, the beautiful daughter of Shepherd at Majemu Oluwa Parish, Pleasure Bus-Stop area of Oke Odo, Iyana Ipaja area, Sup. Evang. Olasunkanmi Omidiora, Oluwabusayomi Oluwarantimi Christiana will be tying the nuptial knot with her lover of long standing, Oluwatimilehin Emmanuel Omogbehin, son of Patron of Christ Ambassador Parish, Cele Ijesha.

The holy matrimony between the two which promises to attract notable personalities from all walks of life is slated to hold at CCC Majemu Oluwa Cathedral, Aje Street, Off Samson Street, Pleasure Bus Stop, Oke-Odo, Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos.

Entertainment of guests is billed to hold at Verteville Event Centre, Old Ota Road, Ile-Epo Bus Stop, Lagos. As you are reading this, the two families who will be joined together as one, are already making grand preparation to make the wedding soiree an epoch-making one in all ramifications.

The tall, fair and articulate Busayo Omidiora is a lady with likablebusayo-omidiora-hubby busayo-omidiora-timilehin busayo-omidiora busayo-timilehin disposition. She is the Account Manager with Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Ikeja. Busayo attended Government College Ikorodu before moving to Ilaro Polytechnic for her National Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management, her passion for study led her again into studying Hospitality Management where she got her BSc and another BSc in Economics from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye

Aside other professional certificates she got which have well equipped her for her journey into the esoteric world of hospitality business, Busayo is not a fellow to push aside when it comes to decision making at Sheraton Hotels and even when she does, she doesn’t carry any form of arrogance with it. Thisher impeccable character of hers is said to be legendary, her parents, who have lived their lives serving in the vineyard, are said to have contributed to what she is today.

But for marriage which is taking her into another institution of learning, Bussywater, as Busayo is fondly called by most of her friends on Instagram, was trying to make a career in modeling and probably become another Miss World to emerge from Nigeria after Agbani Darego owing to her beautiful stature.

25 responses to “Majemu Oluwa Shepherd’s Daughter, Busayo Omidiora Weds Timilehin Omogbehin (Photos)”

  1. Busayo says:

    God bless your unioun

  2. OluwaSeunfunmi says:

    Oya !!
    Wasn’t invited by am going to show up whalai
    The daugther of Almighty Oluso Omidiora is getting married
    If una like, make una use 16 bouncer
    I will find my way into d church and d reception #Gbam
    I beg wetin b the dress code

  3. ksm says:

    i wish both of you much happiness together. C ya on Saturday by God grace

  4. ESther Adekoya says:

    God of celestial will bless you new home
    |Give u wisdom, knowledge and understating in your new institution of marriage
    Busayo Omidiora i know, she will never tolerate nonsense from anybody and playful madam and very nice person to the call
    Madam Busayo enjoy your married in peace, joy and Greatest of Children In Jesus Name.

  5. Akin shomorin says:

    I don’t knw what might have bin going in d head of the bride and that of d groom that if they see this
    This is my word for u
    Don’t be bothered about this kind of pple #Running Shobanjo’s comment
    It’s one of those things in life
    In every 12 , there’s always a Judas and at every point in life, u will always see pple that don’t like u for one reason or the other and will always find every means to pull your reputation down
    God in his mercies will make ur new home the best thing that has ever happened to you In Jesus Name
    @ Running Shobanjo
    Kindly stop the beef so that u can as well be celebrated d way this girl is bin celebrated
    It’s not easy to have two BSCs in diff field with one ND. As young as she is, shes an account manager in d almighty Sheraton Lagos
    Are u kidding me
    That’s what we are celebrating here
    I don’t knw you bt this is my word for u, concentrate on your life and stop doing nonesense
    Being a no nonsense person doesn’t min she’s proud, pumpus etc
    Who knows who has caused u because of ur comments this morning
    Pls be cautioned, if u have anything to settle with d bride , settle it out of here
    Don’t come online to detriment pple’s character
    That doesn’t prof maturity , it’s senseless nd uncalled for
    Have a blessed morning

  6. Rebecca says:

    @shobanjo What is poke dear? the way you sound here is scary ? Do u have anything against her? Are u guys enemy ? why not keep your comment to yourself and don’t let the devil use you. A good and God fearing person shouldn’t behave in this manner. I think you should take it easy, if you U have anything against her, please call her, send a msg to her on fb or anywhere and trash it out. Don’t come here and say negative things about her. Don’t let people think you are hating on her

    • HumbleJoe says:

      Ode mii eeeh !!
      This is Jst common sense
      What do u have against this girl that u have the effrontery to come online to say what’s not
      Ibaje Eniyan kole da ise oluwaduro
      If u like spit fire, if u like spit thunder
      U are Jst a beffer
      Awon Ota OMO yii yio la erupe ile
      Why not Jst keep ur comment to yourself and Fuck off
      This young lady Is bin celebrated here and u come online to post what’s not
      What’s ur motive
      What do u wanna achieve
      What’s ur “p” if she can’t cook or wash cloth
      Is she your Domestic worker
      Honestly I don’t know how pple think
      Definitely u are not up to her standard that’s y u are befing
      I won’t be suprise if u will be seated on that day to eat rice and drink Coca-Cola because that’s d way pple like u do
      And if u do, u won’t see the end. Of this year
      Awon enemy of progress

  7. Evanlight says:

    God of celestial will bless you with wisdom,power,knowledge and peace in your new learning institute #GOD BLESS YOUR MARIED LIFE

  8. Seye says:

    This guy stole my princess from me, this guy is a lucky man. Busayo Omidiora aka Bussywater, HML boo boo, your new home is blessed. Seriously Busayo is a playful and a funny person but a hard nut when you step on her toes. Mama no dey take shit from any human being even if u get money pass Bill Gates

  9. Ade says:

    I am a member of her daddy’s church. 70% of the Members don’t know she is Shepard daughter , you hardly see her talk to people or Gossip with some gossipers in the church. You will think she is gentle person but she is no nonsense person, she get 100% craze for head, you don’t want to mess with her or her family. People who don’t know her in person would think she is a proud woman but the Busayo I know has a good heart and I love her kind of person. God bless your Unioun Busayo

  10. Klinsman says:

    @ Running Sobanjo!! U will run and run till DAF85 jam and crush ur brain
    If u’ve got nothing to say, u read and u Fuck off
    U don’t judge pple from far next time. BUSAYO is a NO nonsense person and doesn’t have thick skin for shits although she has a class
    @ Busayo….. God’ll bless ur new home
    Am coming to eat rice oooooo

  11. Olumide Olushinyo says:

    wow this is beautiful. Her father invested in her. I envy her. It is rare for a Shepard’s daughter to be successful in life kudos to her father and to her, I can’t imagine she has 2 BSC in diffenrent field, 1 ND) . Her husband is lucky

  12. Kayode Makinde says:

    God bless your unioun. They look young and so in love.

  13. Tosin adekoya says:

    Margaret thatcher is getting married oo. So happy for her her charisma is to die for. My crush since childhood

  14. Pelumi says:

    I know this Busayo very well. She is the most simplest person I ever seen,very generous and God fearing. Everybody knows she is an Iron Lady and doesn’t take nonesense from anybody especially when it comes to her family. So get to know people first before u post such comment.

  15. Becky says:

    May God of celestial bless yr union

  16. Becky says:

    Oooh my God…even though if u wnts to spoil her character not in a public place lyk did
    Think bfor u comment

  17. Larosh says:

    Happy for her

  18. Ranti says:

    This is cute. God bless your unioun

  19. Running Sobanjo says:

    The Busayo you have painted here is not the busayo I know. She is pompous and full of herself. So,where did you get your own Busayo from o?

    • Adeola says:

      Why hating on her? Can you please keep your stupid comment to yourself

    • Woli Kunle says:

      Sobanjo or whatever yourself, you must a foolish person . I don’t know this Busayo but use your senses and don’t post a negative comment on someone else page. May God of celestial forgive you

    • johnson says:

      you are beefing her abi? Ogun kill you @sobanjo
      God bless your marriage.

    • Seye says:

      @ sobande you are a mad man/ woman. How dare you say such thing. You are EP aka enemy of progress. God will punish you and destroy that your brain cos I see you have no sense. Brainless fish or dog. Don’t mess with my crush

    • Mmmm says:

      “You r d most gullible person av ever seen on a chat. Abeg nd what business of yours is dat,isn’t sum1 date b4 getting married to another?? I pity your life mumu,you swindler. Its better u mind ur business nd wish some1 success so success will be yours too. Twart!! Prove ur family imbecile. Can u imagine,jes beefing sum1’s success nd happiness. U shud av gotten urself ful oF busayo’s diary than ur life history. Humans sha. You irritaite me numbskull!!””

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