How Making Calls During Church Service Cost Keyboardist A Lifetime Opportunity

January 8, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 8 Comments »

Mike Angelo KeyboardistA white man came down from America to Nigeria for business. He logged in a hotel somewhere in Lagos. While observing some quite moments at midnight, he began to hear sounds emanating from musical instrument coming from a nearby church.

While enjoying the melodious rhythm churned out of the speakers, his attention was basically on the piano sound, which is also called keyboard. He said in his mind….”The person playing this keyboard is very good, I think I need to see him”. So it happens that, over there in America, the man has a studio, and his keyboardist just resigned and there was a need for a replacement. So he finds this great opportunity to pick the young man, who was playing that keyboard at the nearby church at that particular time.

Right there in the church, the young man, a professional keyboardist rested his hands on the keyboard and seriously doing what he knows how to do best; but that moment, he was been disturbed by a caller from his phone, so before the white man could enter the church, the young man handed the keyboard over to another person who was one of his trainees and went to answer his call. And he left for an outing (Muje, Hustling) from there.

After the service, the white man met the pastor of the church and told him that he wanted to employ his keyboardist, and would be taking him over to America. The pastor accepted and asked him which of the keyboardists.

The white man pointed at the trainee, saying he’s the present person he met when he came in. So the next day, he started his visa processing and procurement of traveling papers, weeks after, he took him over to America with him.

Note: The person playing the keyboard initially was the person who was qualified for the job over but when he went to answer a call, the grace was transferred to the second person (a junior person to him, though professional too) who took over the keyboard.

What Morals has this taught us? Kindly leave your comments and let’s share it.

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8 responses to “How Making Calls During Church Service Cost Keyboardist A Lifetime Opportunity”

  1. Prince Lanre Olagbegi says:

    now i know you celestian youth lack knowledge. What relevance is this picture with the story? hat if the photo is the one that got the grace to be taken to America. You are all blind, your thinking is upside down, i can see that.

  2. Tp2lady says:

    I agree with you Mr Dare, courtesy demands that the writer shld first inform the person before using his pics/ image. Mr Philip, since I’ve seen this post on dis platform, I’m just seeing the notification dat the pics was a mere illustration and I’m sure same applies for most people also d NOTE itself us written so small beneath it. it should have been written on d pics so boldly even with d persons consent. No excuse for the writer’s incompetence, due protocols should be observed

  3. dare says:

    I disagree with u.. How many people will believe that huh????… Come to think of it, dis story,,i av seen long time ago. Its not even recent and am even sure its just cooked up. Peradventure u even wanna pass a message for d benefit of all, d story is enough already not d pics of someone dat is completely unaware of it.. If he takes it legal,, what do u think will be the fate of the writer… Y not contact d keyboardist first before using his pics…. U av no idea ow angry he is right now.

  4. omokanye philip says: not comment out of contest. D writer said d pics. is just for illustration and not d real person. We should put how mind in using our gift for God in total commitment.

  5. Osunsanwo Dare says:

    This is crazy… Whoever posted this with the picture of this guy with the keyboard is an animal. This defamation should not be encouraged in celestial church. The guy posted as d victim here is my friend and a very great keyboardist at that. Nothing of such happened to him. This is a complete lie.
    Now to d one dat originally posted this, i av a message for you… You will not go scot free. Isiah 33 vs 1 says woe to d dat spoileth and dealeth treacherously. When thou shall cease to spoil, thou shall be spoiled nd when thou shall make an end to dealing treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with thee….. So be prepared,, the wrath of God is coming on with no remedy.

  6. Tp2lady says:

    This is a big fat lie and a copied fabricated old story from another site. Why are u spoiling the church and d image of this innocent God fearing pianist. U better remove this post and make a public correction because as it is, this is defamation of character and can cost you a lot more than you can fathom or envisage. A STORY THAT DID NOT EVEN STAGE CELESTIAL CHURCH “PASTOR OF THE CHURCH”

  7. Wale says:

    It takes care of our various undisciplined attitude in the church, from side distracting talks to living church auditorium to gist outside during service .,…, in the presence of King of kings . Even to kneel down for prayers sometimes is too much for some so called high ranking members, attitudes that they can’t display even before a low ranked police officer.

  8. Ogoijomimo says:

    Old story! But it’s cool

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