Male Folks Keeping Beards In Celestial Church Right Or Wrong?

September 10, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Youth Arena / 1 Comment »

Keeping beards among the male folks is very common these days in CCC because it’s a thing most guys love doing. Maybe it complements their handsomeness, making them look better than a face with no beard.

Some CCC parishes do include it in their announcement prohibiting Celestial Church members from growing beards. They even forbid a man with a total skin haircut. I tried to inquire what could be the reason for forbidding it and I was told that CCC is not a cult church and that such an act is only allowed in a cult setting.

Are they right with their reasons? Does keeping beards have something to do with the church? Does barbing skin hair cut by any CCC male member also have a strong meaning in our church? Is it included in your parish announcement?

I feel how a person appears does not have anything to do with the church provided our looks glorify God and do not lure others to sin.

What is your take on this new development in some CCC parishes on men keeping beards and barbing total skin hair cuts and some parishes using the blade to scrape their beards at the entrance of the church? But before you leave a comment, read through the attached document signed in 1981.

The meeting was held on the 12th of November 1981 at the Mission House, Ketu, now known as International Headquarters.
It was a meeting that had the top hierarchy of the church then in attendance led by the late Pastor Founder, SBJ Oshoffa with an opening prayer by A/Evang. Sola Adeoye.

A/Evang. Adekanbi then, now late, demanded for more enlightenment on the last-minute read. One of the issues he needed more clarifications for growing of Beards among others.
Baba Adekanbi of blessed memory said and we quote, “This practice of growing of beards will go a long way to create a difference from us and other denominations, we want a law on this…..”
Late Prophet Pastor Founder Samuel Bilehou Oshoffa now replied and we quote, ” Jesus had beards, Moses also possessed beards. Beard has nothing to do with Celestial Church. I do not have beards because I do not want them. It has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. Everybody should do it according to his taste. Mohammed had beards.”


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One response to “Male Folks Keeping Beards In Celestial Church Right Or Wrong?”

  1. Oba says:

    Blades/ razors to church? Are they now God? How does my appearance affect my service to God? Cele and our wahala.

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