Man Catches Shepherd’s Wife N@ked With His Brother In Bed (Read Shocking Story)

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shepherd-wife-imageThis caught my attention and felt I should share it with you. I hear a lot about other denomination pastors’ wives indulging in all kinds of adulterous moves but it never crossed my mind that an Oluso’s wife would descend this low to be amorously involved with her husband’s church member.

According to the storyteller, he walked into the house and met the shepherd’s wife stark n@ked with his brother in their home. The development has left him totally stunned and devastated.

Below is how he told the story:

“I have had the most unbelievable experience of my life and I can’t even believe it.

This afternoon, (Yesterday) I caught my Shepherd’s wife, whom I respect a lot, by the way, stark n@ked in our house with my younger brother.

Our parents are away on a visit to the village leaving just the two of us at home.

I’m a graduate but I’m still managing as a teacher in a Secondary School.

I leave home in the morning and only come every day by 4pm daily.

However today was an unusual day because we had a teacher’s bi-monthly conference and closed earlier than usual. I walked into our home, people, and lo and behold, there was our shepherd’s wife right there stark n@ked in my younger brother’s arms in his room.

I could not believe it. I screamed and called out my brother’s name before I ran out in shock.

I am in bar right now trying to calm down a little. I don’t even know what to do.

I don’t even understand how what happened could have happened at all.”

What do you think this guy should do now, call the Oluso to intimate him of the goings or what?

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