Many Atrocities Of Evangelists, Revivalists By Oladapo Alade-Apanisile

October 14, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 8 Comments »

oladapo-alade-apanisileIt’s obvious that many so called revivalists that minister at CCC harvests and vigils, be it prophet week or harvest week and other revivals these days are not grounded in CELESTIAL CHURCH DOCTRINE and may not be true CELESTIANS.

They use profanity, one of them even said, ” KO NI DA FUN OSI OR KO BAKE FUN OSI” in the church? they tell the congregation that since PAPA OSHOFA TRANSITIONED TO HEAVEN the grace of CCC has left, they ask the people to raise up their hands during prayer points and many times even ask them to place their hands on their heads, they pray many prayer POINTS to the point where you begin to get tired of standing,; they will TELL people hold hands KUMBAYA STYLE and face each other babbling and uttering all kinds of general prayers specific to no one……. I can go on and on and the congregation just goes ALONG WITH this many believing unfortunately that this is how CELESTIAL CHURCH IS.

Interestingly and always during this exercise brought into CCC from their old churches i.e CAC and other so called Pentecostal churches the holy spirit refuses to manifest itself in the CCC way. To spoil it all at the end of the day they will now ask you to bring out some money (maybe since the resident shepherd has made it clear he will part with nothing out of his own congregations offering so they have to raise their own funds)as a point of contact and pray on it, they will say you must receive this blessing for free???.

If we’re not careful in the next 20 years these non-indigenous and untrained new entrants into CCC that have somehow received high clergy ranks will wipe out CCC doctrine as we know it. They make members BELIEVE that evil is haunting them AND UNLESS they pray like mad they will not get victory. Meanwhile in CCC by the covenant of the blood of JESUS we are always set free JUST BY worshiping alone with very little worry and mild prayer AND fasting.

Please don’t let these people scare you or fool you. They are ignorant and don’t know what they’re doing.

in Celestial Church prayer is not heard or answered by screaming and saying many prayers or saying 7 big Amen and all other gimmicks brought about by these folks, our traditional most effective form of prayer is the silent prayer. This is when the angels of god come to us to take our prayers up. I’m saying this authoritatively having lots of testimony and proof. In CCC our answered prayer is not by might but by the yearnings and advocacy of the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:26 and 27. Revelation 8: 3-7..

8 responses to “Many Atrocities Of Evangelists, Revivalists By Oladapo Alade-Apanisile”

  1. oluwafunmilayo says:

    Owo wa loku si, oba olujomimo ti fijo yi fun wa. The Eyes of the Lord is looking at us.

  2. Sam Adekunle says:

    Good observation, God of Celestial will abide with you and strengthen you IJMN.

  3. Tunji Dabira Bakare says:

    Nice write up brother, remain blessed

  4. TO Chicago. says:

    Nice write up.

  5. Sup. Evg. Omosaye Efurubu JP. says:

    If any strange doctrine is found in CCC circle, it it be pointed out and corrections made with Bible reference to back it up. The act of mentioning or referring to a particular denomination is not good enough. Thanks.

  6. Mewoaiye olabanjo says:

    Limitation is a disease while wisdom,knowledge and understanding matters in everything one do in life, That’s why Bible says get understanding.. It’s well

  7. elitsjohnny says:

    The original foundation of this great fold has been laid down by God through SBJ.Oshoffa. Any attempt make by anybody to set his/her foundation rather to be for the progress of the church or other way round will surely meet God there.
    If anybody want to be a founder or establish his own ministry let such person go ahead if he has gotten confirmation for his calling. There’s no room for anybody to use CCC logo and being under the umbrella yet criticizing the church.
    It is not clear to so many people including some of CCC members. The reason why CCC is called last boat of salvation; the church that will purify the world.
    I tremble before your feet , God of Oshoffa.

  8. Olomoplenty aka Saliu Elenugboro says:

    Hnnnnnn it is well

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