Many Questions, No Answer, Who Will React To This Now?

January 26, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

Question MarkCulled from Facebook Timeline of one of our members, Myk Tola Jr, Adele, I really wish he could get an answer for all these questions he asked. I wish he had understanding of why the church is what it’s today. I wish, I wish but I can only wish. If you know you have answers to these questions, kindly help so that the person asking the question can know…

“I don’t know what’s going on in Celestial Church anymore, I am not proud of Celestial with all what am seeing about my church, 95% of the OLOSHO are from celestial 80%YAHOO BOYS are from celestial we don’t know the difference between anymore….

Most of our youth these days have serious issues in Celestial by bringing civilization to whatever we’re doing in the church these days. There some of our so call gospel musicians that are not supposed to be invited in the church anymore for any programme. Someone like Atorishe, this is a man that has plenty women as concubines yet never got married to any of his baby mamas.

I am not supposed to call names but I can’t imagine someone like SAINT JANET, to be invited to a Celestial Church programme if such a parish is not cursed.  ATORISE imagine Evangelist calling himself Arababe, now look at the recent news going on the social media for some Celestial inviting someone like Small Doctor, Obesere to sing in the church, for what?

I will be glad if our elder can look into this and give me an answer!

There’s a song that says IJO YI NI YO WE AYE MO I don’t think that can still happen anymore!

Please I am begging our elders to look into this as a matter of urgency. Things are happening, world is coming to an end!!!

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2 responses to “Many Questions, No Answer, Who Will React To This Now?”

  1. Celestine Abimbola says:

    I can’t see any respectable elder in celestial for now. They are all opportunist.
    Quote me……..
    This church has failed woefully.

  2. Queen mide says:

    Elders my foot…. Youths are followin’ their legacy how do you expect an elder who can’t even put his/her kids through the right path to start correctin’ other youths?????I’m speechless Lord have mercy

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