Is Marriage A Shared Contract Or A Lucky Dip?

March 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 2 Comments »

adeoba ayeniA friend, one of the comedians, comperes and TV personalities we have in the country posted a piece on his Facebook wall. It caught my attention and I decided to ask you fellow Christian brothers and sisters if he’s right or wrong about his idea of marriage institution.

“Marriage is like a LUCKY DIP, You do not know what you have PICKED until you are in it. Do you agree?”

From #CNO, we totally disagree with this. We view marriage as a shared contract handed down from God to mankind. Marriage is not a gamble; Marriage is not a Try-Your-Luck Lotto. Marriage is sweet when the power of submission is applied.

As each marriage partner should seek to give either love or submission in the fear of God and to please the Lord who instituted marriage.

Do you know that if both partners with wisdom stay in Christ their respective callings as “head and helper” without belittling each other or take undue advantage then the marriage will be successful without needing the Lucky Dip option.

To be submissive is a powerful instrument in the hands of the wife to attract,  retain, strengthen and sustain the Love and affection of her husband towards her no matter his habit’s he will surely succumb

Also proverbs 14.1…..The wise woman builds her house but the foolish pulls it down with her hands. Finally Marriage is a Beautiful thing.

What’s your own opinion about this?

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2 responses to “Is Marriage A Shared Contract Or A Lucky Dip?”


    The picture shared here is brother and sister not husband and wife

  2. Ogungbuyi Oluyomi says:

    Marriage is no lucky dip but an institution founded by God.But d problem today is,many chose their partners covetiously,many men becos of beauty,etc not asking from God thereby picking a wrong/incompatible partner.Ile ti a fi ito mo,iri ni yio wo now.

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