Mathematics Of Celestial Church As Compiled By Femi Toba

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Femi Toba, a graduate of UNILAG has created a social network platform for Celestial Church of Christ members home and abroad. Dear brothers and sisters, I thumbed up this dude for such a beautiful innovation. To all worshipers of God in Celestial Church of Christ, this is for you. is the site.

Meanwhile see what he compiled regarding the formation and perfection of the church, CCC.

Watch your sense of discernment in the church (sight and hearing). There is an English alphabet and Arabic number that rhythm in hearing and in sight. They are ‘C’ and ‘6’. Someone can change ‘C’ to ‘6’ without your knowledge and pronounce ‘6’ and you may misinterpret it for ‘C’.

‘C’ is the 3rd alphabet (Trinity) and 6 is the number of man. When the word of God is perverted in CCC~3+3+3=9th month-September, then it becomes 666. The church of the anti-Christ. Watch out! Let no man change your spiritual life in CCC to 666!

CCC, descended on the 29th of the 9th month, 1947.

1947~1+9+4+7=21=3×7 (perfection by Trinity) 29~2×9=18~1+8=9 (fruitfulness)

1947=3×11×59 (The church has gone through the trinity state-3, presently going through a state of human disorder-11 but will finally finish under grace and bear. Fruitfulness.)

Lunch yourself into the 3rd phase spiritually in order to enjoy GOD’S abundant grace (LULI) for the fruitfulness of your existence and not be a victim of the second phase of human disorder.

It will take you inner spirit to understand this, if you don’t, kindly ask Femi Toba to unlock the mysteries behind the codes.

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3 responses to “Mathematics Of Celestial Church As Compiled By Femi Toba”

  1. Franca Ogbomida Omeh says:

    Bravo Sir! more anointing and inspirations

  2. Josa Samson says:

    Good one brother….. Keep it up… This are what we should be hearing in CCC and not the other bad side of the elders

  3. Olumide says:

    Nice one sir, keep it up.

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