Matters Arising From The Registration Of Celestial Youth Organisation By Prof. Odeyemi (Photo)

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screenshot of the registered document from CAC’s search engine

Objectively, if the purpose of youth organization under the Umbrella of Celestial Church of Christ is to impact the doctrine, tenets of the church and teachings of Jesus Christ into the youth, then there shouldn’t be any bad blood amongst the elders who are supposed to know better. But, going by what this office has just being intimated with, all seem not well between a shepherd, Femi Eromosele Gabriel Obinyan and the well-known professor S. O. Odeyemi of the Bible college.

According to Femi Eromosele, he frowned at the action of Prof. Odeyemi to have gone ahead with the registration of the Youth organization and constituting a Board of Trustee separate from the CCC Worldwide BoT.

“ I need someone to convince me that this is not true. Celestial Church of Christ Youth Organization, the brainchild and legacy of Rt. Revd. A. A Bada (of blessed memory) for young minds and future of CCC has been hijacked and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission by Prof S. O Odeyemi. The organization is now a parallel body with CCC having it’s official board of trustees recognized by law and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. ( The Celestial church of Christ youth organization worldwide)This is absurd. We shall do all within our power to stop our dear youths and children from this ungodly move. Categorically I state here that no youth organization within my province shall recognized Prof. Odeyemi henceforth. That all youth national program should be channel to Imeko. “

Who is right here or wrong? Share your views!

5 responses to “Matters Arising From The Registration Of Celestial Youth Organisation By Prof. Odeyemi (Photo)”

  1. WEALTH says:

    ka so wo po, ka so wo po pelu ife mimo, Ka gbadura ni gbagbo ka teri ba fun Oba wa oluwa. Ka ma we owo fun ara wa pe lu idapoi mimo

  2. Femi Fadare says:

    I’m really very sorry for the various typographical errors in my post below. I couldn’t find any way to edit it. I would have done so. Please accept my apologies. Thanks.

  3. Femi Fadare says:

    But the Prof has always claimed that the Youth Organisation was his brainchild and he start it along with his Bible students and followers. Pastor Bada and some other elders of the church only supported him morally.
    Some will claim that Pastor Bass started the students’ fellowship and not the Youth Organisation. But many will also argue this. These people say that some members of the church , especially, those from CCC Olajunwo Tejuosho Parish who went out of tune with the Prof in the 1990s and early 2000s were the ones that came up with the idea of students’ fellowship. These people ‘lured’ A.A. Bada into supporting them. I remember that at Imeko 99 or 2000, the then newly founded Students’ Fellowship were there with their members, mostly, Cele students from various higher institutions in Nigeria to present their own program and to make their presence known to the larger CCC community. But lack of organisation which culminated into financial constraints scattered the whole thing. Then I was with them to represent my school, Yaba College of Technology. The organisers’ depended solely on the Pastor for financial support. We got to Imeko for the programme and we were told the Pastor would soon be around to support us financially.
    But, sadly he was ill Tr hen. He was bed ridden in London, I think. We waited and waited and nothing but hunger happened. It was a very terrible experience.
    Some of us then tried to settle the differences between Prof Odeyemi and the Pastor’s Chaplain, whose name I can’t remember now. But to no avail. We tried doing something at Imeko but we didn’t come to an agreement. We proceeded to Let but all to futility.
    I joined the Students’ Fellowship then at Imeko because my colleagues in our YabaTech Celestial Students’ Fellowship persuaded me to do so as the General Secretary. I have been a founding member of the CCC Youth Organisation, initially called Youth Fellowship. A the other members that were at Imeko thst year pitched their tent with the Youth Organisation.
    But the truth is that Prof Odeyemi was the one that started Celestial Students’ Fellowship, I think since the 1970s. It was then known as FOCUS – Family Of Celestial University Students. Some even claim that focus was the first recognised Christian Students’ Fellowship on any Nigerian campus. I don’t know how true this is.
    I think Celestial Church still has a long way to go. It has continued to lose some of its prominent members (including myself) but then the church is yet to learn the lessons it should have learnt. There are divisions, claims and counterclaims everywhere including among the youths who have always seen themselves as the ones that will do things rightly. A good number of the church’s hymns forewarned against all the divisive and immoral vices in the church today. But members only ding and dance to these very good hymns but they hardly hear the warnings and admonitions contained therein. I wrote a book in this regard in 2004 before I left the church – The Untapped Potential in CCC Hymns. But things have continued to worsen. Na wa o.

  4. Tobi Damilola says:

    Yes i support the motion “let all national youth programme be channel to imeko”

  5. mike says:

    its very much bad for baba odeyemi to have done that.

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