Max Solomon Is A Member Since 1992- Great Oshoffa Parish Reacts

August 17, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 3 Comments »

Some members of CCC Great Oshoffa Pariah, Chicago Illinois, USA have reacted to the article published a while ago about Max Segun Solomon not being a bonafide member of the parish.

“Max Solomon is our member since 1992. He is not just a member, but one of the active and resourceful members who has helped the church in various capacities not to be sold by rogues in garments who claim to be church members.

Alagba Alonge, you will be shocked to hear that some members here are sending fraudulent credit cards to the church box. Oluso Ilori was saying it then,  we didn’t believe him. He personally took over 100 credit cards of many strange names to the Police and said he knows nothing about how they got there.

Many of them here have no genuine work or business they do but to scam people both husbands and their wives. Sadly, you didn’t thoroughly do your investigation well to understand why the church needs someone like Segun Max Solomon to take over the mantle of leadership here.

Other people sending you fake news are doing so because of their selfish interests, all of them are fighting for their purse and not for the church. You will be amazed that since Monday Max took over, he has been spending his personal income of over $10k to carry out a lot of renovations here.

I think this is the best time to send you a dossier of every one of these people. I will get back to you soon.”

May God take control of His church in Jesus’ name. To Be continued!


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3 responses to “Max Solomon Is A Member Since 1992- Great Oshoffa Parish Reacts”

  1. Alagba Ijo says:

    This CTC fools are really messed up people that are full of drama and to think of it, these are the people that wants to run a diocese? You must be kidding me…. They can not even run a parish successfully, it is just sad that systematically they are destroying the good work of Olorunnisola with the help of EMF.

  2. Concerned member says:

    Stop the lies… There has never been a situation about credit cards.. The problem of the church is you fake men of God parading yourselves as leaders.. The congregations don’t want you Max Solomon, why forcefully take up the mantle as leader in charge.. You initially came in as the Church lawyer. You and your so called parochial chairman(GirlFriend) are losers. Watch how God is gonna mess you guys up… Clock is ticking

  3. Omo Ijo says:

    Hmmmmmm Max spending about $10k of his money to renovate the church? Really? Is he not a member of Rehoboth Parish as well? Or has he consistently been worshipping at Oshoffa Parish since 1992 without leaving the church since then? He stopped fraudulent mailing to the church right? Did he stopped indecent acts too involving high ranking elders?

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