Meet Firmin Adjovi… A Senior Pastor In CCC Ketu Faction

November 17, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

An African proverb says a  rotten fish is easily discovered from the head. So, all the anomalies currently rocking our church is as a result of bad leadership. And what brought about bad leadership in CCC today is that the people are too far away from God. Romans 1:28 says “because they have failed to have the knowledge of God in their heart, God left them to a rebrobate heart…”

Anyone who still sees any good in the present leadership of the church is obviously blessed with a rebrobate heart or the person is blind, deaf, or dumb. Or perhaps, the person is benefiting from the collapsed system that has led the church to this state of comatose for 20 years now.

Presently, #cno has discovered a new Pastor on the horizon, his name is simply, Evang. Firmin Akinbode Adjovi.

From the look of things and with the attached circular, leadership on all cadres of hierarchy under the supposedly watch of Rev EMF is now on a loose rein and hence the free fall that comes with it.

Not only is it appalling to come across this circular carrying the picture of Baba Adjovi who was selected as Chairman Task Force under EMF. As you can see in the circular, this is the pinnacle of the diverse forms of ridicule the Rev EMF led Worldwide body has brought on itself; or how else or in what other light can a sane person view the above? His picture is conspicuously placed even more than Jesus and Papa Oshoffa….it is laughable. All of them just want to arrogance unnecessary titles, and positions for and to themselves. Vanity!

Is the beloved Alagba now the chosen one that he needs to have his picture on the official letterhead paper of a department of the church? Under whose authority or approval did he commit this offense?

It is now so obvious that there is a total collapse of checks and balances in the entire running of the church, making everyone and no one answerable to nobody.

Brethren, is this how we would all continue to look away and allow the deteriorating situation the administration of the church has been plunged into to continue to decay further beyond salvation?

I feel terribly bad seeing this and I cry for my church under this present man whose heart is being controlled by God knows what kind of devilish mechanism because a truly anointed servant of God will not be holding to a power that has already left him, a honour that is no longer reach. A position you do not have power over. What a pity! What a shame! What a sorry sight

I am waiting for a response from the task force team, #cno will like to know what excuse you are going to use to build up your defense on this big ERROR committed by your chairman, Adjovi!


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One response to “Meet Firmin Adjovi… A Senior Pastor In CCC Ketu Faction”

  1. IronMonkey says:

    Illiteracy at its peak. My church and lack of competence

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