Mercyland Of DSC Parish, Warri: Do We Follow This Trend Now?

April 24, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 15 Comments »

Wonders they say shall never cease…..This is the Mercy Land of a Celestial Church of Christ, DSC Parish Ekete Warri, Delta State. What a beautiful sight to behold. I don’t know why they didn’t put AC so that people coming into the Mercy Land won’t feel heat.

Anyway, some members of this church kicked against this act, there reason is because there is nothing like this at Makoko, Imeko, Portnovo and Ketu, but they said ‘na innovation’! Wow!, does that mean it’s wrong? Maybe, maybe not, our elders in the house will tell us about that since
we are too small in the system to know about what the Ilana says about it.

“The flaw noticed here is that the Mercy-land, though, has a beautiful cover which is against the original style of how a Celestial Church of Christ Mercy land should be.  Typical of a Celestial Church of Christ Mercy land is an open space devoid of any outer covering. But this is a new development which I don’t know if that is the trend all Celestial Church should follow now…


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15 responses to “Mercyland Of DSC Parish, Warri: Do We Follow This Trend Now?”

  1. MC. Helen Amreyan says:

    Please o, the Mercyland is not covered. It is just a decoration on the both sides of the Mercyland.

  2. Abraham okechukwu says:

    why was the mercyland not roofed like the church from inception. Everything in celestial church is done according to the direction of the spirit. You can’t woo God with these innovations in the name of civilization. Abraham frm Aba redemption parish 2.

  3. Shina says:

    Haba, Omo Cele why do we like tempting God as far as the tenets of CCC is concerned. It is not only wrong but spiritually bad to cover mercyland….The parish in question should utilise whatever money they have for something else….

  4. Seun says:

    Instead of covering, a tree should be planted, go check Makoko for more clarification.

  5. Ajiun Falokun. says:

    No,no,no.This is against how Papa SBJO puts it down.Why can’t we follow the tennets of the founder.(Ijo mimo ko ni baje.)

  6. m/c Christianah says:

    I dont believe any cover can prevent link to God but in all honesty, the mercy land must not be covered.Allowing cover of any sort will only make people to start putting sand in a bakery and start using it as amercy land! Or they start building skyscrapers with mirror tops all in the name of new innovations invariably thwarting the laid down foundation and tenets of th3 church thus Charging tge church to model celestial church!!!

  7. Mrs Ola says:

    You people are lucky with open land in Nigeria. What should members in the U.K. Or overseas do where there’s no open land but parishes actually in a building or industrial area.

  8. Michael says:

    Wow, can’t comprehend.
    This parish happens to be my parish years back, whose abide by the rules and tenets of the church.
    Honestly, can’t really fix where the problem (s) lies because, I was once a parochial member of the parish and we followed the tenents to uthe letter.
    Hmmmmmnnnnn. . . . . . .. . Short of words

  9. S/V/M/S/EV. Kola Olayiwola. says:

    There are some ways you know when your prayer is answered at the Mercy Land. (1)When you feel a cold breeze blows. (2)Between 9am and 11am you witness ray of Sun coming out from the Cloud as you are praying. (3) When you feel some one stands in front of you, showing you ray of light from candle. Now can all these happen when the Mercy land is covered ? The Choice is yours.

  10. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    Uniqueness of the mercy land can’t be covered or twarted. Sun and moon testify to the awesome God.
    My experiences at mercy land uncommon and so personal that mount Everest can equate it. Those that cover to prevent some discomfort have their reasons but i believe that aside from corporate prayers ,it’s a place for solitude and fervent prayers that forsake all acts of comfort. It’s a place to put all to the God that answereth by fire, so heat must be endured and cold must turn to heat while either sun or rain Jesus Christ is Lord and my case must be different.

  11. Olufunmi ibk Akinfenwa says:

    The interpretation of our mercy land is very understandable if you open your Bible to Mark 9 :2- 5. Our mercy land represent the high mountain and that is the main reason no other clothes is allowed in the mercy land because verse three says and His garment became shining exceedingly white as snow so as no fuller on earth can white them. We can’t misinterpret everything on the contrary to avoid unnecessary tortures all in the name of civilization. I want you to know the prophet and prophetess vigil is allowed in the mercy land to have the direct links just like Jesus on the high mountain. Please whoever is doing this should stop it though is not in the constitution but you and I should know better that what we have in Celestial today is divine revelation from above

  12. Prophet Kehinde Oladimeji, Lagos says:

    My brethren in Christ, C C C World wide,is very wrong to cover, or to roof Mercyland in celestial church,even all the white garment churches too, Neither C&S, church of the Lord, E t c, When you are praying in the mercy Land you are looking upon the Lord for so many things, One of our hyms in 544 -E je Ka dopo Jesu Kristi my , ( Gbekerele Gbojure soke, Gbekerele Dan Anu re wo sa gbekerele Jesu,) not to look on the roof, but on the Sky, to feel the heavenly dew, for divine Reformation and Transformation, We have many members and family and relatives ,Widows, Orphans in the parish who really need an assistant, instead of covering or roofing the Mercyland, The Lord Jehovah God in the Church will Lead and Guide us in all our ways and deeds in this heavenly fold, Stay bless.

  13. Akinleye Emmanuel says:

    @Evangelist Bisi, so why do you cover the church building, then there is no direct link between the creator and his creatures for worshipper inside the church building.
    This are one of the challenges CCC is facing, people will not appreciate modern development.
    The statement has always been Emi,Emi,Emi. When the holy spirit don’t say anything, you will hear people saying Emi mimo; When it come to stealing of church fund No emi mimo, but when it come to modern development you start to hear Emi,Emi,Emi.
    The warri parish should continue the beatification of our Father house.

  14. Evangelist Bisi Activist says:

    Nooooo, it is WRONG. Innovation should not tamper with spirituality. Mercyland is not and should never be covered. The openness of the arena gives a direct link between the Creator and His creatures – Psalm 121

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