Message From India To Celestial Prophets/Prophetesses By Marvin Kenny

November 8, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 3 Comments »

prophet-marvin-kennyWhen you do something out of pride, it’s expected of that character to act foolishly. For Prophet Marvin Kenny, Shepherd-in-Charge, CCC Promise Land Parish, Noida , India who studied Accounting at Kogi State University, Nigeria before traveling out, Celestial Church prophets prophetesses must put on garment of humility. In sarcasm, he based his write up on why some members are too arrogant even before God when it comes to dancing or praising Him.

Hear him, “That you are a prophet doesn’t make you too holy and other people less important or unholy. Yes na me talk am. You use your money buy am? Some of you will want people older than your fathers to kneel down before you while greeting or talking to you. #Nonesne. Some will even be forming ‘Oga’ in the church, Even to laugh na war let alone dancing. ‘2 Samuel 6 tells us that David danced before the lord until his clothes fell off’. You big pass David for Bible? Prophets should show example to others… Dance when it’s time to dance. Listen when it’s time for sermon and Pray when it’s time to pray. If you respect people they will respect you. Stop this your stupid ‘Oga’ forming attitude. You don’t need to be a tyrant to earn respect. See, in fact, the next time I see any of you not dancing during praises, I will just draw your girdle from your waist and run into the congregation…Make I see weda u no go run pursue me. Who forming don help? lol You people should learn to be friendly jor….

A friendly attitude leads to a lovely atmosphere. Let love lead. #Respect

#ProphetMK_Kenny #PromiseLandParishIndia #CelestialWide”

3 responses to “Message From India To Celestial Prophets/Prophetesses By Marvin Kenny”

  1. Akinloye.taiwo says:

    Respect people opinion,respect yourself,respect any celestial environment,,,,it’s divine .Good talk.

  2. kenny says:

    That is good sprophet.

  3. Ehis says:

    Nice dat is a real prophet of God

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