Message About The Real Pastor Chosen To Rule The Church By Mobolaji Obisesan

June 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 8 Comments »

Olusegun Mobolaji  Obisesan is an apostle of God based in New Jersey, USA. He has been sending message of truth to every church that calls the name of God and Celestial Church is not an exception. This is one of his many messages to CCC concerning the leadership of the church as directed by God.

Those that will worship God must worship him in truth and in spirit. If your worship, in general, is not done in the truth, that worship is not done in the spirit. Such worship is not pleasing to God. Therefore, not acceptable before the God, the spirit and the God, the truth. There is a spiritual war going on, that is a war between the truth and the lies.

All Celestial Church members must understand something, I mean all Celestians without leaving anyone out. Only the truth will set CCC free from lies of Satan, when only one person, a prophet like Papa SBJ Oshoffa, that is chosen by God, as prophesied by the Pastor founder himself, and as stated in Hymn 331.

CCC will not receive her blessings of cleaning the world, and may lose that blessing, like the ancient nation of Israel lost her blessing as the chosen nation, to the church. CCC may lose her blessings because of disobedience, rebellion, idolatry and hardened heart like ancient Israel.

Not until Celestial Church acknowledges the truth. What is the truth, Celestial will never ever see neither unity nor peace, until God chosen Prophet, with or greater authority like Papa is sought for and is respected like Papa, because he carries the anointing of Papa and more. He is among you, but for ambition, and selfish interest, CCC ignores the only prophet with God’s authority to transform CCC, into the gateway in God’s own Kingdom.

There the men chosen by God in CCC, like Peter and Paul’s anointing and Power, from such men, changes will come, not through men not chosen by God. But… verily verily, I tell you, CCC will never progress spiritual, neither enjoy peace until you leaders, respect the will of God, and look for that Prophet like Papa as stated in Hymn 331, “Eyin oluwa,Eyin mimo,fun ijo mimo latorun wa……”

The truth is, God has chosen his anointed prophet, he is now among you, some of you know him ,at the appointed time, the power of God will reveal him. The word of God is about power, the truth, and it is spirit. This power to unite CCC is given to this one man, like Papa Oshoffa, and only through him, Celestial Church will receive power and blessings of miracles, signs and wonder, so like the days of the Pastor founder, this is the word of God, believe it or not.

– Mobolaji Obisesan, Son of the living Christ

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8 responses to “Message About The Real Pastor Chosen To Rule The Church By Mobolaji Obisesan”

  1. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    Impersonator on the pay rolls defending blind of blinds

  2. Alagba Alonge Samuel Sunday says:

    please leave OWODUNNI out of this

  3. mobolaji obisesan,son of the living Christ. says:

    I am waiting for CCC leaders world wide speak on an invitation,to hear God’s plan for CCC,but no one,in CCC is interested in the truth,what a petty.Bring me to your presence,and we shall pray and call on God of Oshoffa together,and God shall declare the Truth to all celestians through the mouth of your own prophets,to only speak the truth,nothing but the truth.And lies shall be put to death that day in God’s own church.she is the kingdom of God.Forget about what I tell you about myself,but let celestians best and trusted prophets investigate my God given assignment and and I today spiritual,and the God that sent me will surely reveal to you who I am in christ today,not my former self,I was put to death in the flesh,but raised from death by the Spirit,and being recreated by the Holy Spirit,I’m a new creature,a living sacrifice,so that I no longer have my own life,but that it is christ that lives in me,by his special grace.I say this as your senior and older brother,according to the Holy Spirit,my transformation is to serve as an example of God power to change from bad to good,better,and best.For our God is perfect,we can be perfect,God is holy,we must be holy.I will show you that ccc perfection and holiness is possible,but not through man’s wisdom,but through power and authority given by God,to his chosen and anointed vessels.I am waiting for someone or CCC philanthropists,who trust in God of oshoffa to facilitate a meeting between,the Pastor,or pastors,pastor in council,board of Trustees and I,and I will deliver life God’s message that will cause change and the long awaited transformation of them church.The kingdom of God is about authority,and I have the authority of a older brother to speak to everyone that the Lord send me to speak to,as a voice of God,by grace,not by personal worth nor merited.So,I am waiting,to speak to you,,the truth,that was hiden from our founding fathers,of which our pastor founder promised us,in the Holy spirit.Now,I am calling on all celestians to trust in the promises of God to the church and do not doubt the power that is the Word of God.Do not support fights and arguments,but trust in God and wait for the promised changes that is here,and now.I am using this time to asked the ccc authorities to trust in God,and invite me,and let your prophets verify my messages to you and I pray that you will see Quick changes,unity and peace of God.loves am looking forward to the meetings,it’s going to be a spiritual feast,a great spiritual party,like never before.Like never before.Remember,God gave Israel a title of the a nation of priests,and the job to cleanse the world,but the lost the job,because of arrogance,pride and sins.And God gave and transferred that blessing to The Lord Jesus and His church.It is a fundamental and undisputed fact that promises of God are real,and they are conditional,that is sound doctrine.For example,The condition of going into the kingdom of the God the Father,you must have Faith in Jesus.No other way.Do don’t fall for Satan’s lies.There were conditions given to Papa Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa inorder for God to fulfill the promises to return the church to the church of christ,after a serious attack and disorderlin-ess caused by satan.The conditions was and is,that God will appoint amother Prophet like Papa,and God will use him to do more wonders,and the glory of the church will be greater,and that power and glory will commence the process of the cleasing of the world,unity,fatanity brotherly love, and peace will be restored in
    the church.My dear brethren in Christ,do not be fooled,CCC can loose that promise as a nation of God and priest to the world,if church leaders continues in fights,strifes ,disunity,and evil competition.These things must stop,but it will be done by God,not by man.’s wisdom.According to the Holy Spirit in Hymn331,that messenger must,be discovered and presented to all,and through him and him alone,God will recreate celestial church and worshippers in the fold.If CCC doesn’t return to the truth given to Papa,you can buy up the richest men and best minds from the best university together to manage CCC but God Will not support them spiritually,and the sin and ungodly behavior will increase.Like God raised the Church replaced the nation of Israel,God will raise another church for himself to replace ccc.This is fundamental in teachings of the gospel.Jesus said,I will raise stones to preach the Gospel if man refuses to preach.Don’t loose this beautiful blessing,God has prepared another church for that work,if ccc refuses to change,because of worldly materialism.I am waiting to tell you more personally,we need to invest more on spiritual cathedral,the real temple of God.,and don’t worry so much about the physical cathedrals that will perish.I am waiting to meet with you oh CCC,do not delay to obey.Elomiran koni gba ise wa se o.wake up CCC youth and elder may Satan never prevail over this church.The time is now to save souls.The church must move forward spiritually.I have good news for CCC,but we must act now.

    • Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

      Man of God! Stop all these and face the work God has given you to do. Let me tell you many are raising the dead and making the lame to walk and many other miracles in the name of the Lord Jesus in the wonderful church.
      Do your work and stop this canvassing and blackmailing and it’s kind. God is not in the box like you think. Even in the days of Oshoffa many others wrath miracle and Oshoffa never said he is the all in all. He is a humble man to the core.
      Ka sise fun iwenu emi wa ….

  4. soul adebayo says:

    how can they worship in truth when their stomach is filled with deceits and stupid ambition …they can never see God nor hear from him….Can one ever claim what he or she does not have? can God be mocked? such a pity……

  5. Alagba Femi says:

    Has God called many of the nonentities who called themselves pastors? They are all bunch of idiots followed by bastards like them. I pity for your church. Forget it man, you can’t have a man like Osofa when the ass holes like Mobiyina, shonekan, owodunni, etc are still alive. Pray for God to remove them all then pray for divine intervention before you can have a direction. Say anything you like, odeshi.

    • Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

      Alagba Femi, I very sad to ready your comment like calling someone as hole. Who do you think you are to have gotten that strong grace to judge another and see some others bastards. You are very rude and you think that will bring Obisesan to be the pastor of this church? Even Mobolaji himself I am told him several times to stop canvassing for himself rather to continue doing the work of ministry and if God has chosen him He will make him known.
      E ma se soro ibinu ero buburu ko da….

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