Message To Single Ladies Who Visit Prophets To Charm Men

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A lady was seriously searching for a partner, she visited her friend one day and met a handsome, clean-shaving dude who just returned from America, her friend’s boyfriend. She became so moody because all her life, she never dated anyone across the ocean before except some home-made guys who after three months of dating her dumped her like a poorly arranged pack of cards.

One day, she visited a prophet to help her prepare some spiritual works that will make her get her dreamed man too. The prophet sensing that she was a pretty girl, told her that there will be one ‘akanse’ that would make her cast a spell on any man she desires.

On hearing this, she lusts for that her friend’s America returnee and the prophet asked her to come with anything the person bought by himself and had used before. She got to her friend’s house, searched for anything used by man and she saw a wristwatch for men.

She dashed out to meet her prophet and the spell was cast only for her to start dreaming of her friend’s younger brother of about 15 whose daily food money he kept to buy himself the small wrist watch.

She got back to the prophet to explain her ordeal and it was revealed to her that except the young boy sleep with her, she may run bad. Now she is at crossroads as the prophet has said that she has just three months to live if she fails to do the needful. Her friend, on hearing the whole story, has vowed that she would never set her eyes on her younger brother and the case, as you are reading this, has become a big issue somewhere at Osogbo in Osun State.

This is why this post of Liz Ebony Angel made some sense when it was posted on her timeline this morning.

“Single ladies who go about visiting an herbalist or prophet house to get Juju powder or charm to make a man love them by force or to make a man succumb to their wish always get disgraced and they end up being hated in an extraordinary way when finally the man’s or guy eyes get opened from the Charm used on Him…

If truly a man is yours and You are Destined to be together, He will always be yours.. No matter what

And if you don’t know, those prophet and herbalists doing that charms will watch you do it but shake their heads in pity for you… And you end up spending your savings on charm and Juju renewal… Some even end up sleeping with the Herbalist or prophet…Pray for your own man, your own Adam and not IDAMU. God is not deaf.”liz-ebony

3 responses to “Message To Single Ladies Who Visit Prophets To Charm Men”

  1. yomi Newton says:

    any love forcefully enacted is bound to break with full repercussions. true love is free without addition and very natural.

  2. Olori Abayomi says:

    She should be thanking God that the prophet himself didn’t enter her



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