Michael Aduba Of Life Everlasting Parish: Armed With Impeccable Character

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Prophet Michael Aduba

In the Celestial mix in the western world, if there is a man that could be referred to as a brand ambassador and a reputable face to reckon with, as far as issues of orderliness and spirituality is concerned within CCC, it’s none other than the charismatic and energetic prophet, preacher and prominent shepherd of Life Everlasting Parish of CCC, London, Sup. Evang Michael Aduba, who leads the congregation of faithful Celestial worshippers.

Prophet Aduba , a man who knows his onions when it comes to strict adherence to the tenets of the Church has become a soldier of soldiers  in propagating the work of God  and indeed the greatness of the God behind  the Celestial  mission of the late Pastor founder, Rev SBJ Oshoffa .

As the annual harvest season of the church draws nearer, Sup Evang Aduba and Life Everlasting Parish London, are set to host Celestians from all works of life for their adult harvest celebration which comes up on Sunday, 18th of June, 2017.

In his usual  organised style, the  vibrant young shepherd, whom sources claim attracts crowd to his ministration just like honey attracts ants, is leaving no stone unturned to ensure this year’s harvest  goes down into the annals of just not the parish where he serves as a servant leader, but that of CCC worldwide as an epoch-making one.

To a lot of his church members, Prophet Aduba is known to be that fearless like lion as he’s not afraid of speaking the truth even if it’s going to hurt anyone. He’s armed with impeccable character and compassion. These attributes have set him miles ahead other Celestial Church clerics abroad.

“You are a humble and invaluable teacher. A honest and epitome of a true leader. You are an icon of our generation in CCC and beyond,” one of his church members said about his character traits.

He’s one of a handful of shepherds, who were born into the church and are currently carrying his cross and propagating the name of C.C.C in the western world today.

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11 responses to “Michael Aduba Of Life Everlasting Parish: Armed With Impeccable Character”

  1. B says:

    Micheal Aduba, your father is predator that preys on young girls. All you people care about is titles and power rather than taking time to see what spirit a person is working from. Anybody can quote scripture, a true man of God is tested on how he lives his life outside of the church. This supposed man of God is a predator and forces women and girls into having abortion.

  2. Debo A says:

    Hypocrisy of the highest order!!! Instead of people to research the work Superior Evangelist Aduba is doing, they are talking about his beard. Are we not all followers of Christ? Christ and his disciples as depicts in pictures, have long and bushy beards. Does it mean that people without beard are not true followers of Jesus Christ? Where is it written in the bible that a Christian should not grow beard? If it is all about the doctrine of CCC, why did our leaders create new ranks not establish by Papa Oshoffa? Why are we wearing socks on our Sutana now? I have listened to S.E Aduba few times, and I can concur that he is a true man of God. It is only empty barrels that pull down other people. No wonder the church is not moving forward. All we celebrate are ranks, fornication, adultery, stealing, back-biting, etc. We need to change NOW!!!

  3. Akinsola Damilare says:

    Shepherd Isreal Awonusi just confirmed it that growing beards is against CCC doctrines so what’s more.I heard it plainly from the mouth of Baba Are of blessed memory at one of the seminars organized by celestial seminary in the conference hall at Imeko how Pa SBJO based on (God’s instruction ) celestial from keeping beards.we can’t keep flouting God’s instruction flagrantly the way we do now and expect God to keep moving amidst us like he does in the days of our forebears,friendship with the world is enmity to God.Children of God are suppose to lit the world by being examples to the world and not the other way round.When we keep bringing things inspired by the world into the church,it amounts to desecration of his temple.The bible refers to those who do that as dogs who are not suppose to be inside in the first place.

  4. Evang.Ade Oladapọ Oyenẹyẹ says:

    If truly he is a True Celestial, that beard must be off him. Contrary to Awonusi SUBMIT it is not an issue between individual and God. But doctrinally in CCC.
    Beru Ọlọrun, pàá òfin àti Ìlànà Mọ ní ọrọ náa sọ (FEAR GOD, KEEP/ABIDE BY THE TENETS & RULES/COMMANDS OF THE CHURCH)
    Ref the post on Prophecy Q to the Founder ” is this the Way/doctrine commander unto U? and Deutronomy 28,- Branch neither to the Right nor Left

  5. Israel Awonusi. says:

    Though keeping beards is not part of our dressing codes in Celestial Church (and I could remember that Papa and Baba Bada did not allow us to keep beards when we were young due to their beliefs that God will take us to be one of the early Prophets who were not under the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and will be judged with the same measures) but Prophet Michael Aduba is one of the young Shepherds I admire a lot proud of.
    He should be encouraged and appreciated for his work and contributions to the Ministry of Evangelism in our fold rather than concentrating on his beard. His beard did not hinder anyone ‘s Ministry or snatch someone ‘s wife nor kill anyone.

    Keeping beards is a personal thing between himself and his God which does not have to disturb anyone. Please complain about the misconduct of some of your fake Shepherds and Pastors not on beards….you hypocrites.

  6. Kunle onward says:

    Growing bears or not is it a way to heavenly kingdom

  7. Kunle onward says:

    I pray that God almighty shall protect him from the hands of evil in Jesus mighty name Amen

  8. Deborah Lawal says:

    This is truly a wonderful write up of our Shepherd, he neither sways nor deters from the word of God nor doctrines and practices in Celestial Church of Christ. It is IMPORTANT that we not only begin but hasten to promote our elders in Celestial who are indeed upholding this.

    Fortunately for me, I have been graced to know the Man of God, and indeed is everything and more as written in this wonderful article of him. It saddens me however that were such a great word has been attested to, we are incapable of passing a ‘well done’ message or simply liking the post and sharing to the glorification of God.

    Shepherd Aduba grew up under many notable elders of this church, such as the late Rev. P.H. Ajose, he is of the soundest knowledge of Celestial and a great teacher of the law. Mr Akinsola Damilare, the fact you have never seen our late Pastor Founder in person of Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa “keep beards”, could it not have been a personal choice or do you not think that passing judgement upon what we do not know can then be construed as ignorance? If you look at the Bible, which is the only source that we can agree with here, you will see that it is even forbidden for men to shave their beards.

    We need to stop identifying that just because some elders make certain personal choices or silent on a matter, we the masses must follow them. Papa Oshoffa in one of his videos said he does not eat meat, not because it is a law but because he may become paralysed if he did. However, many people have attempted to cast this as a bylaw also. Knowledge is indeed power and attaining it in truth is wisdom.

    Lastly, it is very wrong for you to insult or ridicule an anointed Shepherd by your expression of “rascality”, it is best that nothing is said than for you to identify him as that, as he no longer works on his command but that of God. Celestial is not about pointing out who is good or bad neither is it about casting the stone, it is about LOVE & WORSHIP. We must learn now that we cannot continue to slander our elders. Change begins with us: our character, attitude and behaviour to one another.

    Thank you CelestialNewsOnline for a great article, may God continue to strengthen you for using your space to propagate Good News.

  9. Celestial Born says:

    @ Akinsola Damilare
    I’m not a fan of growing a beard but I like to be honest and real with issues especially those concerning our church’s doctrines. Unfortunately we have a lot of grey areas in our fold which can be argued strongly, mainly because we have nothing written down in concrete rather we do a lot based on what can be termed as customary (asa celestial). I have never been given biblical reasons why we must not have beards neither shown or told where/when papa SBJ said it. What also confuses the situation is that because Papa SBJ & Baba Bada and many other Elders (of blessed memory) shaved their beards (hair on cheeks and chin) but left very thick moustaches (hair on the upper lip) it automatically becomes the norm for beards to be cancelled and moustaches to be allowed. I think as a church grey areas like this need to be addressed seeing that those who wined & dined with the pastor founder have neglected to pass down ethics clearly.
    With regards to the man of God in question, I too do not know him personally but I can say that it’s time we encourage those flying the flag of this great church especially in foreign countries seeing that our church is predominantly African. We Celestians are too used to pinpointing what we see as flaws in people especially our leaders publicly rather than promoting their good fruits. Let us be in one voice to propagate His coming through this Divine last boat of salvation C.C.C!

    “E ma mura ninu ohun kan,
    Ijo kan Mimo ni,
    Ki ise pelu igberaga,
    Eda aiye ko dara
    E ma teriba fun ara nyin
    Iteriba Mimo”

  10. Akinsola Damilare says:

    I have never seen Pa SBJO keep beards and it’s an injunction especially to all celestial.You can’t claim that a man who is flouting this is a strict adherer to doctrines.i don’t know him personally as a person and I can’t fault other accolades showered on him but going about with amount of beards smacks of rascality and it’s against Pastoral ethics.People who know him should advise him against such rascally disposition.

  11. Titus Adenuga says:

    You couldn’t have put it any better. We are proud to have him as our Shepherd. Thanks for article….God bless you

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