Ministers And Singers: The Crystal Difference Between The Two

November 21, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 4 Comments »

kunle-hamiltonAlmost everybody can sing. From the devil, to homosexuals, through to Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims, Occultists, Pagans, Christians, Atheist etc. but only Holy Spirit filled people can minister.

Not everybody singing gospel is born again, Beyonce and R Kelly sometimes. Once in a while we find some Biblical lines in a secular music, but…Singing can be taking as a job, you can train to sing, sign contracts and go on tours but you would have to be called by God to minister.

Singing can be an employment that’s why we have singers in Jazz clubs, Gay clubs, Pubs, Hotels etc but ministry is a calling, you do it by Biblical principles. There are ethics, you can’t dress anyhow, talk anyhow, go anywhere and do anything you like. A minister can never play or sing secular music, a singer or a session musician can. Darkness and light have nothing in common.

Ministers are owned by God, they are Levites, consecrated unto God. They don’t write songs, they wait on God for songs. Singers write songs and they can do anything they like with their bodies because they owe no one any accountability. Ministers are few, and they obey God, singers are everywhere and they do what please their ego.

Singers compete, ministers complete.

Singers sabotage, ministers complement and support.

Singers chase after money, ministers chase after God.

Singers are performers who can fake the anointing, tears and gestures for the sake of the cameras and fame, ministers impact lives from a genuine heart. Singers love the fame, power, sex and money, ministers love the souls that are perishing and ascribe all the glory to God. Singers are canal and proud, ministers are humble, spiritual and teachable. Ministers would still come to the program when the audience is only 10 but singers would give you specs, ask about the number of people they are coming to sing to and instruct you on the arrangements they want.

Singers are more popular than ministers; they have more followers than ministers because the blind would always lead the blind. Singers lobby for gigs, ministers are called for gigs. Singers excite people, ministers touch the souls of people and impact their lives. Singers are always in a hurry to leave after performing, ministers wait even when they are done.

Singers fizzle out easily, ministers live to reap the fruits of their labour. Singers think about the present and immediate gratifications, minister sow into the future. Ministry goes beyond riffs and runs and heavy weighted chords, ministry goes beyond vocal abilities and competition. All these showing off and competing in the name of worship concerts must stop!

Those of you who go to such events to go mark who run the best scale and hit the highest notes and those who couldn’t, you got to get serious and stop that joke, do it to please God not man.

What are you? Singer or Minister?

– Elesin Dosunmu Olanrewaju

4 responses to “Ministers And Singers: The Crystal Difference Between The Two”

  1. Hope says:

    What a great message
    I’m really bless by this,
    I now realize the area I belong to, please lord help me not be a singer but a minister for your glory???

  2. Praise Bukola.#Bukkyunique says:

    Since l be b reading abt music minister,this post is the best l be ever read, God bless you writer,indeed u a living testimony that u God’s vessel,l love this post.your ? fire will never go down u will not labour in vain be rapturable in Jesus name may God exault the horn of ur ministry.remain blessed u n ur family.maranatha.

  3. Hazel Martins says:

    Thank you very much..All this while I’ve been a singer..
    Lord pls hv mercy…use me for your glory Lord

  4. Tejumade says:

    Wow…Minister, this is awesome, my soul is blessed in this morning, Jehovah use me for ur glory, God bless you abundantly sir.

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