Miracle: What Eseosa Said About Rev EMF Reviving A ‘Dead’ Boy

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Eseosa left a comment on #cno over the incident that happened at Baba Adjovi’s parish in Osun State a few months back. Stumbling on the comment now, I see some points being raised here and the truth is Rev EMF Oshoffa should not be called out for whatever abracadabra performed by his handlers.

The comment is reproduced below;

“I think that a few things need to be considered in discussing this topic. We have a Pastor today that has never needed or been under pressure to perform any miracle. He is partially blind and may only have responded to people’s noise or shouting and he would have just responded as a man of God to pray for whoever was brought to him and in this case a child.

The mother of the child can easily be interviewed and I am not certain that would be difficult. She not being a professional and not having the medical expertise to pronounce a child dead is however capable of identifying what seems to be a lifeless body or someone struggling to breathe, which may have led to the panic response.

Having looked at the above assumptions, the first is that the Pastor should be absolved of any accusation (we can choose to accuse the people around him if it is ever found to have been an untrue situation), secondly is that it is easy to identify and interview the mother to prove further and that should be done immediately.

There should be a benefit of the doubt because such miracles should be rampant in any Christian denomination except that we have all left our first love (Jesus Christ) for different things. We should also endeavour to take time to give facts rather than continuous conjectures.”


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