Mistakes In Our Church About Spiritual Growth

April 19, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »

Psalm 23:1 says “d Lord is my shepherd” it means we are His sheep. A sheep has no sense of defence, it can’t fight and it has no horns. It solely depends on the wisdom and protection of the shepherd. Do we also depend on the wisdom and direction of God? Do we depend on Holy Spirit for our growth? It is high time we started knowing that not all spiritual knowledge is profitable to us.

We minor the major and we major the minor. Not all truth has equal values. Some topics are not to be treated to new converts. Some churches preach what the church doesn’t need for the season. Must you preach prosperity to a new convert? Some churches only teach their members baptism when they want to go for anointment. This is read to pass or if they don’t pass (if at all something like exams or test exist) they still do it for them, hence they return to their vomit because they forget. We fail to embrace the leadership of the Holy Spirit for our growth.

We abandon the curriculum. In institution, we have main courses with higher units and some borrowed, with lower units. Those with lower units can be read within three days. So does the spiritual growth apply? Why do we abandon the core courses in our church, on the pulpit, groups? We need to know the ingredients for the season.

Do you know the ingredients for your season? We are to build a house, we have the whole materials, shall we use fan or furniture for the foundation? Do we still counsel “about to wed couples” the joy of the rare weddings (not so common) in our so called churches have overshadowed the prerequisites? Do we still have those “led by the spirit to counsel”. There are two ways by which you can measure your level of spiritual growth.

  1. Your conformity to the image of Christ.
  2. Your understanding of the mysteries of the kingdom of God.

I am Leke Olulana, I just want to make a common sense, please, you can also make a common sense by sharing this.

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