Mistakes Depriving CCC Choristers Of Their Blessings

June 30, 2022 / Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

What you don’t know is bigger than you, and information is power, so they say. There are things many of us have been doing in our respective parishes and people now see it as a normal thing to be done and are passing it on to the upcoming generation. Our ignorance has rubbed off many of their blessings.

CCC choristers have a habit that needs to be discarded with immediate effect, which is robbing them of their blessings. Some choirs, most especially vocalists, now see any activities in the church as an avenue to make money because they have the wrong idea that praising a wealthy personality in the course of service would trigger the person to pay him thousands of naira or dollars.

This happens a lot, especially during the harvest celebration, praising people, and spraying money in the church. This is the wrong approach. Also, this act is very common in smaller parishes with landlord shepherds.

A similar scenario happened in a parish I worshipped sometimes last year. During a sermon song that was supposed to be spirit-filled and drawing down from heaven inspiration, this vocalist was busy praising some wealthy members who were present in the service to get cash from them. The ignorant left their position to spray the vocalist in the course of service. This is wrong and unacceptable. It is now called a solo by a vocalist in CCC.

It should be noted that praising wealthy people by a choir vocalist during regular service and the spraying of money in the church attract no blessings but a curse. Celestial Church of Christ choristers are evangelists and ministers of the Gospel, not public entertainers.

The church of God should not be turned into an owambe party where people’s appraisal is very paramount. This has to be worked on by the church authorities, leaders, and shepherds of this great commission.

Something should be done with immediate effect.


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One response to “Mistakes Depriving CCC Choristers Of Their Blessings”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Dear Elder you are well come. I think, you might have recalled article 106 of the CCC Constitution to shepherds, Evangelist and to the BOT etc.
    Today in CCC prevail pride and ignorance and lack of humility, everyone is ancient, and know all about CCC since 1947 while, we (by the grace of Jesus) witnessed their arrival in CCC. I’m by the grace of Jesus, the only one survivor of the first historical choir of CCC since 1950 and I always wish to share my experiences of so with others; nobody would accept this except to behave as jjc.
    People always show they were CCC members even before the foundation of this fold. So, wisdom leads me to keep quiet. Actually, all is upside down in choirs: who is to be blamed? Death and sins.
    God bless His Holy CCC: Amen ! Job 8:8; Jeramiah 6:16

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