Mistakes Most Parents Make During And After Their Baby Christening

May 29, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Uncategorized / 2 Comments »

In Celestial Church of Christ, there is a certain way divinely given in which Celestial Church members christen their babies but now most parents do the will of themselves.

It is now rampant in Celestial Church to customise the names of their child after the naming of the child, in fact, most parents even change the names the prophet gave the child to what actually suits them. Names like Cassandra, Jason, Anabel etc can cause a serious issue to the child/children.

Telling the prophet to give your child a fancy name that isn’t coming from the Holy Spirit by parents can hinder the child from reaching its goal or fulfilling its purpose in life which most parents don’t understand.

This mistake is one of the major ones made by parents which shepherds must correct during sermon either during Christening or Sunday service because it is rampant now in Celestial Church.

Shepherds in Celestial Church should sound the warning bell of the impending negative effect on the child/children of many parents indulging in this nasty act.


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2 responses to “Mistakes Most Parents Make During And After Their Baby Christening”

  1. samuel says:

    and you be naming your child by your self you are not doing the holy spirit own you are doing it by your self hmmm

  2. Celestian says:

    Please let us not even go into this discussion. Because some if not majority of prophets have gone astray to the point they will be naming all kind of nonsense names too. When you have prophets naming all children in the parish Michael and Mary, then you wonder if the spirit is really leading them. As for me, if you named my child a wrong name spiritually, I will CHANGE IT.

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