Mixed Reactions Trail Elders With Red Caps On Full Regalia (Photo)

December 20, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 10 Comments »

red-capIt’s the season of Christmas though and the reason for celebrating the birth of Christ shouldn’t be misinterpreted. These elders captured here obviously are basking in the euphoria of the season, and might have placed this on their heads without having any biased notion.

Some people have a different opinion about this, they feel the Youths will see it as normal and we are indirectly eroding the tenets. Therefore does it mean that the youths can wear Bikinis during the Juvenile Harvest or during their Sports Day or Fashion Show Or the youths putting on the spiritual regalia of various levels?

Mistake made and not corrected will gradually be included in the culture (claiming – o to sonna).

What’s your take on this brothers and sisters?

10 responses to “Mixed Reactions Trail Elders With Red Caps On Full Regalia (Photo)”

  1. Omo ijo mimo says:

    These are not the Santa’s caps .,even though red in colour, not supposed to be worn on the spiritual regalia .Therefore not acceptable, my personal opinion pls.

  2. Michael says:

    I am not seeing any challenge on the caps being put on. Obviously, the background of the pics shows it all. It was not during the service neither within the church premises, so, no cause for alarm

  3. Josh says:

    It is being put on outside the church premises, hence i think there’s nothing wrong with it. It is all in the joy of Christmas. However, this should not be the norm.

  4. Akinsade Adeleye Sehinde says:

    It is part of Celestial tenets that black or red apparels are totally abominable to members, either within or without the church.
    Article 93 (5) of the celestial constitution succinctly spelt it out. “members are forbidden to wear apparels made of black or red materials EXCEPT FOR PROFESSIONAL REASONS.”
    What are we arguing here?
    The elders have erred. Where there is no law, there is no sin. We should not encourage this because our youths are very volatile.
    There are white Christmas hats out there!

  5. daddy David. says:

    celestial is family and my hone 2 god blessing celestial for me.

  6. samuel says:

    Chai abeg no go there. These people are just having pure Christmas fun jare. That said, anyone who puts on the goggle of tenets and seeks to disapprove these men. It is their cup of tea.

  7. Samson says:

    No matter the judgement of man,God judges intentions and motivation.The person that posted this wants our opinion but the poster is already judgemental.
    The standard of God stands sure and can’t be compromised.However,what has been done in celebration of Christ with a true heart cannot lead to their condemnation.It is permissible and acceptable.

  8. Dipo Fadeyibi says:

    My viewis a bit personal. Firstly dis can not be on there head during chuch service. However this could have taken place outside or within the churchcompound to celebrate the xmass season as more of these caps will showed up on heads at Imeko with the sutana. Lets be careful d comment we made about ourselves sometimes…Yoruba adage says…bi onigba ba se pe igba niwon ma pe. ALLELLUYAH

  9. Edekere Christy says:

    U proposed dat we shld b doing xmas carol. So it is wit d cap dat we wl knw dat it is done in their parish. funny

  10. Alaba says:

    Not acceptable

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