Should Mobiyina, Adeogun, Orovboni, Lagun, Shonekan, Others Attend Maforikan’s Burial?

August 27, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Saints & Sinners / 7 Comments »

Celestial pastorsLate Prophet Suru Maforikan’s burial, slated for Monday November 21, 2016 and will be brought to a close on Sunday 27th of November, 2016, is already gathering momentum. Some of the posts on social media have revealed that some Celestial leaders are going to boycott the burial, reason being that, when the powerful prophet was on the surface of the earth, there was no love-lust between them.

Be that as it may, some followers of God and concerned members of the church are of the opinion that if the truth must be told, they should all grant him the last respect as it’s been said that ‘respect should be accorded the dead’.

Well, from this stable, I think all we need is love irrespective of what might have happened in the past. It will place the leaders of the church under the beam of practicing what they preach, if restitution is made and there is consensual agreement to move the church forward. Will these clergymen come under one roof, burial their hatchets and honour the dead?

They are, Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa from both National and International headquarters, Benoit Akande Adeogun of Republique Du Benin, Steve Orovboni, Godwin Bolanle Shonekan from Imala, Lagun Adesanya from Afonifoji Ibukun, Josiah Kayode Owodunni from Oluwaseyi Ijeshatedo.

What’s your stake on this?

7 responses to “Should Mobiyina, Adeogun, Orovboni, Lagun, Shonekan, Others Attend Maforikan’s Burial?”

  1. Olu says:

    What’s the point being at the burial
    The factionalisation caused celestial all this nonsense. I don’t think he deserves any honour

    My opinion

  2. Wale Sholotan says:

    Oladokun from ikorodu is dead since 2013

  3. Pap says:

    Gbam…….. Well said

  4. Sunday Uk says:

    Well,going or nt is nt celestial biz.All dis honorally Pastors shld give peace.a chance.. ki agba ijo teti sile ke gbo, satani di amure.All pastors in CCC at present are all honorally.. They should practise what dey preach. They are nt at peace with each other, so forget about going to burial or nt.They should listen to founder voices.Asan lorun aiye ati oun ekun re.

  5. Ifedayo Canada says:

    Who is Oladokun from ikorodu again o? What do these people even think they are doing? If you can not control National and International Headquarters and Imeko, just forget it. Ijo ki n se Ijo iya o. Eda aye kan o le wo o, e kilo fonirikirin wolu o, kema dite mose Jesu o, Ijo ti Jesu ni’jo Mimo….thanks to Baba Remi Olabanji

  6. Olabamji Akinsanya SP says:

    Tosho tried to reunite the said leaders of the church but his effort became useless when he wanted to topple his brother as pastor. He had a good mission reuniting the leaders but was so foolish enough to want to be pastor, does he really have the crowd? Well, for the leaders, coming to the burial will reestablish the love that has lost amongst them.

  7. lanre Adeoya says:

    Well, it depends. If truly they are Christians, they should forget the past and move ahead. Paying a last respect to the dead is a sign of victory. May God help His church

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