Mobiyina’s Case Against Jorotom At Ikoyi Federal High Court Struck Out!

April 26, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 7 Comments »

The case of Rev Mobiyina Friday Emmanuel Oshoffa, a factional leader at Ketu International Headquarters against Sup Evang. Rotimi J. Omotosho, OON, member BOT, we reported earlier today, has been struck out by the judge due to lack of merit.

According to #CNO reporter who was inside the courtroom as early as 8am said the court felt that there was no further case to answer when the prosecuting counsel and others made an application to withdraw the case. The counsel from Wahab Shittu & Co representing Baba Jorotom addressed the court that although the other parties have a right to withdraw the matter, he believes they came to this decision because of the counter affidavit filed by them which was duly supported with evidence and not due to their claim of trying to stop the arrest of the Pastor and others. The case filed was already dead on arrival.

And the court after hearing the presentation from the prosecution case felt that there was not sufficient evidence to try the accused, and the court found that it’s in the best interest that the case be dismissed.

As you are reading this, whispers reveal, the people at the helm of affair at Ketu have summoned their people for special meeting about the outcome of the case and how to amicably settle the issue.

Meanwhile, the Jorotom team too, who filed a case against Ketu after receiving their writ of summons will be having their first sitting in May. And as said by Baba Jorotom at Jerusalem Cathedral the last time, “I will sue them for defamation of character if they have found nothing incriminating against me, In fact, there won’t be any room for out of court settlement. The court will make them pay for damages. This is a name I have built over the years and I will not allow some selfish and greedy people to spoil it for me. There is no turning back!”

We shall bring you more details of the court proceedings in a jiffy.

This is just the beginning to the New Dawn in Celestial Church of Christ, the truth, they say, shall always prevail!!!

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7 responses to “Mobiyina’s Case Against Jorotom At Ikoyi Federal High Court Struck Out!”

  1. comr.(bro) Allen says:

    Hmmmmn,wonderful,pls should I say,our leaders in ketu are illiterate or educated dropout.
    You know ,you don’t have good and concrete evidence,you are filing a case .
    Under the law of this country,Defamation is a critical offence.
    well,our pastor,should go n pray and seek for holy spirit direction to work because most of his followers in the cabinet are there because of their selfish interest,greediness and power,there are not there because of the work of God in the fold.
    if you feel,you won’t stop that your act,continue

  2. Special MST.Snr.Evang (Dr) Lawal Olatunji says:

    Are we truly working for our heaven or working for hell fire. Enough is enough, let us give Peace chance to reign in all parishes. Church politics is even worst than the world politics. We like it or not the truth shall prevail. Jesus is coming for the separation between the Sheeps and goats.

  3. Adelaja says:

    I always laugh when people comments on issues here.The Bible says’give unto Caesar what is due to Caesar’.Celestial church is a spiritual church I agreed but we should operate under the law of of man and God.Those self serving elders in Ketu should account for their stewardship at least they owe us far they refused to come down from their utopian height,let the Joseph of our time hold them at the jugular at least,celestial members are not illiterates. If it warrants them going to jail,so be it.Enough of this nonsense.As a shepherds,i am totally with you Jorotom .

  4. Gideon Ise oriranmi says:

    My belief as a Christian first, then member of Celestial church of Christ is we should do things the way of Christ enough of this muscle flexing.

  5. Evang. Popoola Samson says:

    It is better we settled things under our roof than taking ourselves to court.



    • Theophilous says:

      The Bible says, give honor to whom honor is due. I believed, Papa Jorotom has done more than enough for Celestial stability spiritually, financially, materially and morally. My plea to all men of God and the two parties, is to unite and allow peace and love of Christ to overrides self actualization. God blessed Celestial and Celestians.

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