Mocked For Wearing Sutana In A Bus By A Pentecostal  Preacher But….

March 5, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 9 Comments »

KtonesNo matter how sound you are in the scripture or how eloquent you are in preaching the word of God, without LOVE, you are nothing and empty. This event happened a while ago to one of our members worth sharing and worth emulating. Love conquers all!

A woman who was preaching the gospel of Christ recently inside a commercial bus fail to display the attributes of Christ she was preaching about when she sighted a Celestial woman. The young lady who entered the bus to sit beside her was wearing her Sutana.

The woman was talking about Jesus’ love to mankind, sharing the fliers of her church. Suddenly when the young lady entered the bus and tried to sit behind her, she excused her and said she should go sit elsewhere. Reason? She said those who wear sutana are not Christians, that they are Satan workers.

The whole bus tore the fliers of that woman and lambasted her for not knowing what she was preaching earlier on.

And the young Celestial woman told her with all authority that, “is wearing my precious garment (Sutana) your headache? Dear, you are yet to know Jesus Christ that you claim to know. Christianity is about love.” And the people thumbed her up and said they are not Celestial though but they would rather be Celestial members than join force with such a woman who doesn’t understand the true meaning of Christ! Halleluiah!!!

When many persecute you because you are a Celestial member, bless them and let them know that you know better. Don’t engage in unnecessary fight, talks or show any sign of animosity towards them, show them love, love is all that matters!

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9 responses to “Mocked For Wearing Sutana In A Bus By A Pentecostal  Preacher But….”

  1. Kolade john olubiyi says:

    These thing happened to me in 1999 when I joined molue to idimota, if not some ALFA saved the situation they supported me and cursed him, and secondly at NTA TEJUOSHO immediatly the gospel pastor saw me he started abuise then gurumaharaji is coming out from interview and rebuked the pastor and told him that this man that’s me am a rithteous man than him but he, he was just waisting his time

  2. yhemicee says:

    ife lohun na nke eje ka lo fe gege bi we mimo nwi

  3. Anisere says:

    No Christian fellowship surperced the law of love since she couldn’t exude that character she should not be blame that because she is not a Christian (the woman preacher)

  4. Anonymous says:

    @okeowo, you are right. Truth be told its high time we started portraying good image of the church. What will you say about CCC parishes like Hephzibah shogunle , wonderland Iyana Ipaja and others who are so uncultured to the extent that the sell and serve beer, marijuana, alomo etc during their harvest concerts. If a church could invite saint Janet to perform during their events it shows the extent of immorality and indiscipline. We have a lot to work on.

  5. Dipo Oyefeso says:

    I am very much elated with this story and it makes me to be more proud of Celestial Church of Christ

  6. MC Matilda Oyadiran, OkeAdo says:

    Oluwa lo ni Ijo mimo yi. Several rekords like dis are always recorded. This is what I always tell my people here that, we should be cautious with our manners whenever we have found ourselves. Olujo mimo a gbe wa o

  7. Adeola Olaniyan says:

    Halleluiah! Hmmm. Why have they so much nurtured this hatred in white garment people most especially CCC?

  8. Temi Okeowo says:

    It’s good that the celestian is not one of these parrots we have in the church, if she had acted like these silly ladies trying to give her back, those people wouldn’t have come to her aide. It’s obvious the lady herself attend a good parish where they have been trained moral unlike the herbalist parishes where they use alcohol on their harvest day and shepherd sleeps with them at will.

  9. Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha says:

    That woman preacher lacks love. Same happened to me few years ago. A Pentecostal pastor was always found of talking evil of Celestial church and was in fact preaching against anything that had to do with celestial issue. As God would have it, his wife was pregnant and couldn’t deliver after 13 months. He took his wife all over hospitals and churches without luck and after several counselling and talks, he reluctantly agreed to carry his wife to a celestial church and this fell on a Wednesday service and our God that shows mercy delivered his wife before 45 minutes of them stepping into the church. Today, himself and his entire family members are proud worshippers in Celestial Church Of Christ. Learnt they had left Jakande low cost housing estate where I last knew they worship at Isolo few years ago.
    Same way God arrested Saul and turned him to Paul.
    My calling into Celestial from the Catholic church has a resemblance to the above too.

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