Mokola Parish Saga: When You Have An Error As A Leader, This Is What We Get!

November 27, 2022 / Celestial News Online / Saints & Sinners / 3 Comments »

The ongoing saga at CCC Mokola Cathedral has become so embarrassing to the image of the church. Today, the youth locked all access to the parish and there was no service held there today.

Before this, the youth, #cno gathered, had written a letter to the commissioner of Police intimating him of their peaceful protest against their shepherd, Noah Ikumehinlo, who they alleged of polluting their altar and sacred places of the church.

Now, the leadership of error, we have in CCC at the moment, has refused to do the needful, the man Baba Banjo and Baba Nunayo erroneously brought to lead the church has refused to give a pleasant verdict that should have ordinarily calmed and restored peace to the church instead he is using one worldwide power that he doesn’t have.

The church has said the church belongs to God and the people and not just one individual that has come from nowhere to destroy the legacy of their founding fathers.

#cno is solidly throwing our back behind the youth for this noble cause. Though going to someone like Oriyomi Hamzat is thumbed down by us, however, the youth was pushed to do that since the leader they think they have has failed them.

The Ogun, juju, or whatever means anyone may have to threaten you, let them know that the God you have is big enough to render such powers useless. God is supreme to any other power. Anyone who believes in it should perish with their power in Jesus’ name. Amen!

I hope this message will be conveyed to Rev EMF and his Kangaroo team that the way he lost Calvary, the same will happen at Mokola. The fact that he doesn’t have any legal standing to make any decision is enough for the youth to use against him when the case becomes hotter than this and the church is shut down and people go to court straight.

Just as he lost woefully to Rev Adetunji recently in court, so will he lose other legal cases because the church has factional leaders and no one can claim autonomy power over it.

All those who are still following the instruction of any Ketu authority probably don’t know that they have no power over anything until the Holy Spirit chosen is recognised and installed.

EMF is an impostor, Ilaro Court ruling since 2015 is still very valid.


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3 responses to “Mokola Parish Saga: When You Have An Error As A Leader, This Is What We Get!”

  1. Evang Adeleye Francis says:

    The youths should really know what they are doing….we stop supporting misleading attitudes …… there’s away of reaction to things of the Lord ……I don’t anyone or group have right to stop service that’s belong to God because of their interest…or view …The group are playing Pharaoh’s part …beware …God will prevail.

  2. Alagba Watching Carefully says:

    They did not know he is not named Mobiyina. Truth will come out no matter how long. Read Deut 21 from beginning to end

  3. Alagba Watching Carefully says:

    No matter how you dress a pig it is still a pig . Be very careful about expecting anything spiritual from a blind man. Don’t blame EMF. Jeje lo joko and Banjo and Nunanyan came calling. They did not he is named mobiyina. Where have we found ourselves?. God will start disgracing the diabolic Clergy. Alleluia

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