Mother Celestial Rank: This Man Has Said It All

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Sup. Ev. (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa in his reaction to the Mother Celestial article on #CNO has said it all.

“I would like to add a few words to the matter of the rank of Mother Celestial. I was Secretary of the UK Diocese when the rank was created. In a letter from Ketu the requirements were:

1.. The candidate must have received her anointment for the rank of Lace Superior Senior Elder Sister through the hands of the Pastor Founder SBJ Oshoffa

  1. The candidate must have held the rank of L/S/E/S for a minimum of 25 years. It was 20 years for Assistant Mother Celestial.

At that time in the UK no woman qualified for the rank. I was then instructed to write to Ketu to plead for a concession. We requested that the minimum years of qualification be reduced to 15 years for MC and 10 years for Asst. Mother/Celestial It was on this basis that women were given this rank with a fee of £100.00 per head.

It is assumed that any candidate under the rules at 1 and 2 above will be above 60 years of age, a role model among women in respect of her spiritual life and her domestic home life.

However, the reverse was the case in the U.K. Some of the candidates presented from the Parishes were in their early 40’s, unmarried and of dubious characters. They paid their fees and collected the anointment. Since the fees for MC and AMC was the same, some candidates for AMC stubbornly put lace on their pink tunics as if they were Mother Celestial. This was an act of indiscipline and insubordination of the first order.

Members in the U.K. will remember an incident that happened in London. A woman in the course of her testimony in a case of lascivious conduct with her Shepherd and adultery mentioned that a few years earlier she had gone to Lagos for anointment as MC. Superior Evangelist S.O. Banjo asked this woman how old she was to be a MC? He asked her 3 times and she refused to answer.

This woman was barely 40 years old, if at all. Baba Banjo shook his head in dismay. He knew the lady and her pedigree in CCC. I would stop here and let others read between the lines.

The general feeling was that a proper and suitable candidate for MC will be of a very mature age, no longer menstruating, with a decent and remarkable unblemished marital and spiritual life in the Church. This was not too much to ask for a candidate to be MC. It is the norm now for shepherds to give MC to their wives automatically and their girlfriends too. Also financial benefactors of the Shepherd were bestowed with MC irrespective of their moral and physical attributes. So fighters in the church, known husband snatchers, heavy skin bleachers were given the rank of MC. It was amusing because some of them refused to wear their pink tops to sit in front alongside women with grey hair modestly dressed who were old enough to be their grandmothers.

What happened to the old practice where men of 70 and above who dedicated themselves to serving God and helping in the church and its surroundings were anointed and allowed to wear the blue of Senior Evangelists?

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3 responses to “Mother Celestial Rank: This Man Has Said It All”

  1. Beatrice Olowosile says:

    Papa SBJ Oshoffa said that, ‘We should do things as they should be done so that it will be as it should be.’ And they say, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil.’ We know that without it there is nothing much we can do but when people love it too much and despise the commandment of God, it leads them to destruction. May this not be our portion IJMN amen. The Bible says, ‘The blessing of the Lord make rich without adding any stress to it. Godliness with contentment is a great gain. Let everyone be contented with whatever the Lord has provided for him or her and the end result is a peace of mind. If anyone takes the rank above them, it can cause problem for him or her because this is a spiritual church and not a club. May we all know the Great God we are serving in this wonderful church because it’s what you throw in that you will get back in blessings. But who introduced the Mother Celestial to CCC? I have never seen anyone wearing AMC cape.

  2. vicky jimoh says:

    Evang Famakinwa,thank u so much for throwing this much light. Infacf, I never knew there was AMC,because I never saw anyone wore it. May your anointing never run dry sir…i pray our women will be obedient

  3. vicky jimoh says:

    Baba S O Banjo,thank u so much for throwing this much light. Infacf, I never knew there was AMC,because I never saw anyone wore it. May your anointing never run dry sir…i pray our women will be obedient

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