So Much About September 1st…A Memorable Day In The Annals Of Celestial Church

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oshoffa accident, Papa oshoffa accidentSeptember 1st 1985, was on a Sunday, when Pastor Founder Bilewu Oshoffa was on evangelical mission with some aides in line with his call to duty as clergymen when he had a fatal accident. That day has indeed remained a memorable day in the annals of Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide. For those who didn’t know, Papa Oshoffa didn’t die in the accident, he gave up the ghost on 10th of September, 1985 at the hospital where he was receiving treatment, after he was notified that his two aides died in the crash.

The two aides were, Sup Hon. Evang. Thomas and Ass. Hon. Evang. Mark. Others in the Mercedes Benz Wagon car were, Superior Evang, Abiassi who later died in 1991 while Evang. Espedi died on 12th of June, 1998. No doubt, this month of September is a month to remember for the entire Celestial members home and abroad. It has remained an unforgettable and historical day.

In memory of that day, one of the daughters of the late sage, Deborah Oshoffa posted this on her facebook timeline: “30 years ago on this day, my father, my hero, d man who left us a good name wortyh to us more than gold and silver, left home with us in his entourage to perform his duties as founder and pastor of CCC worldwide in some parishes celebrating their harvest. I recall vividly, so many things that morning and how we were called later in the day that REV SBJ Oshoffa had an accident on his way to Ibadan. Hmmmm, so many things followed but papa I saw you last on this day till you died nine days later. For 29 years my mum, never went out on September 1st, she would stay inside and pray and tell us things about her husband. Papa, 30 years of the accident today and mum isn’t here with us anymore, she left us too on July 1st. Papa, u loved your children so much and I miss so much about you. If you have seen mum as she so much wanted, tell her ‘oku olomo kin sun’. The two who brought us to this world, the only people with real love are gone and we are alone but we know God is with us. Continue to be my guardian angel papa and help me to walk in this world as an orphan.”

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  1. prophet precious ogbonna says:

    u are happy but celestial is not one my contact 09071565874

  2. bro tunde says:

    rip papa

  3. Engr Dada.O.Taylor says:

    Am happy to be a CELESTIAL.R.I.P PAPA

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