Muslim Student, Sodiq Lawal Falls Into Trance….Brought To Celestial Church (Photo)

October 21, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 21 Comments »

Shepherd In Charge of Jimatha Mimo Parish

….but the glory of Celestial is one….This won’t be the first time such mysterious things will happen in Celestial Church of Christ. The Holy Spirit who controls the church has not for once departed the holy congregation.

An Islamic Student, Sodiq Lawal, fell into trance during school hour in an Islamic school, Bamuwaj Comprehensive High School, situated at Odetunde Street, Akeja, behind Navy School of Music, Ota Ogun State.

According to the eye=witness account, “he instructed the school authorities to bring him to my church, CCC Jihmarta Mimo Parish, Ota. His parent supported him despite the fact that they are Muslim.

According to his father, he said the boy belongs to GOD, so God can use him. He said he would not be able to attend the trance Vigil but his mother will attend the church vigil. “His mother attended vigil, to my greatest surprise, she also received Holy Spirit. The GOD of Celestial Church of Christ is at work.

Though, there rumours that he might have been charmed by some unseen powers but some people who listened to the messages released by the young boy were said to have still been in shocked because no unclean powers would reel out such, it’s obvious hesodiq-lawal has the backing of the true Spirit of God. Halleluiah!

  • Olori Adeoye Olanifemi

21 responses to “Muslim Student, Sodiq Lawal Falls Into Trance….Brought To Celestial Church (Photo)”

  1. Evang (Pro) Segun Enduku says:

    The muslim student that went into trance is one of the sheep of the Lord that is outside the fold, thank God for the Lord of Celestial has brought him back. Halleluyah

  2. dotman says:

    Olorun celestial shi wa sibe …….halleluyah

  3. olamide says:

    Eje Kristi Jesu iyebiye
    To mu irapada wa f’araiye
    F’eni to ba gbagbo to se gbo ran
    Yio ri ‘ye jo mimo…..
    ijo mimo a GBE wa oooo

  4. Chigozie prince obisie says:

    I’m so Happy for all the replies… I’m Happy I’m born and brought up in celestial…. But i have one thing to say, let all the Shepard’s try to control the attitude of his members for the world to know we serve the living God…. Let us show good example to the world so that our church will not face too much mocking.. I love you all but God love us most.. One love to all CCC world wide. I miss you all in Nigeria God bless you all in Jesus name Amen.

  5. Godwin says:

    If there are people dat didn’t believe dat Jesus is the son of God, such people will also see Celestial church of Christ, not a church. Devil will never see good things where there are good things, but God knows who are His own Matthew 7:20-21,

  6. Ibukun says:

    Ijo Mimo E Tun Radi ,,, Emi Mimo Emi Alaye Onbe Lodo Baba ,am Always Proud Of My Church

  7. Tboi says:

    God @ work , Emi awon woli WA sibe
    Bt i thinK it’s wrong for him to be given d blue girdle (Amure). Ijo Mimo leto !!

  8. FESTUS says:

    Celestial Overcomes The World

  9. Princess says:

    Ewo ona otito te MI lasile

  10. Oyebola says:

    Truly d spirit of God still dwell n present in his church but let we (celestial members) uses our characters, attitude n behaviour to show the world that truly this is last bout.The prophecy of God shall come to past.

  11. Woli olumide Lawson says:

    God is true to his word! He is the Lord.. Some will trust in horses and some in chariots, but who so ever believes in God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ shall stand up right… I believe and trust that God has said the Gospel is neither for the Jews nor the Gentiles but those who deligently seek him…

  12. Samuel says:

    CCC, truely the last boat of salvation

  13. akintoye mary says:

    huun may d lord continue to hlp our spiritual growth

  14. dami king says:

    may d spirit of god will continue to dwell in his church

  15. Alonge Michael says:

    Oluso, God bless you jare. The are truly being fed with adultrated teahing of Lord Jesus. A whole lot of these denominations do not see us as Christians whereas they are the real devil indisguise. I respet any man or woman of God who respet other dotrines. Casandra should also read 1 corinthian 7:17-19

  16. segun jihmartha says:

    Casandra Philips, my name is Sup. Evang. Prophet Oluwasegun Oladipo. the sheperd in charge of CCC Jihmarta Mimo Parish Ota, where dis miracle happened. concerning ur comment u are entitled to ur opinion but i advise u to read your bible
    very well concerning trance. please read the following: ezekiel 8:1-3, acts 10 :9-23, acts 11:4-18,acts 22:17-21. God bless u as u read in Jesus name.

    • Sarlarmy pappin horllanraywahju says:

      Shepherd God bless you 4 that answer given to casandra, he know nothing about the bible.

  17. Iluromi says:

    @ Cansandra, it’s obvious you don’t know the Bible. Go and read the account of Joel in chapter 3, you should learn from that before stating jaggons here

  18. Casandra Philips says:

    Why are you people lying for. All this trance is spiritism. Stop hearing from people, believe in God alone. Fake prophesy. It’s Rhema that is important not LOGO

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