Must Read: How A Businessman Came To CCC For Prayers

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Once upon a time, a very once-wealthy businessman came to see the shepherd of a church about how his business crashed and sought for prayers for the business to bounce back to life. At that time, the man could not deposit one thousand naira into his account at home or abroad.

The setback this businessman had in his business made him meek and seek solutions till someone brought him to CCC for prayers. After earnest prayers and revelation to this businessman, he was told to undergo seven days of fasting and prayers and he should do a bean feast that his business would jack up back to life if he believed and had faith in God.

To cut the long story short, after the observation of prayers and fasting and the beans feast, lo and behold, this man’s business sprang up after a call from someone who owes him millions of naira as at then.

With joy and anxiety, the businessmen came to church to break the good news to the shepherd, and all glory was returned to God. A brother who happens to be a church worker heard the testimony of this businessman and cried out that he was also given such a spiritual exercise but he didn’t do it and never knew revelations were powerful.

The church worker met with the shepherd to carry out his beans feast so that money could start flowing into his account like the businessman. After the completion of the feast, the brother was waiting for the miracles and good news that would follow. After seven long days of waiting for miracles to happen, nothing happened. Nobody called this brother to even exchange pleasantries.

If you are given a spiritual assignment, you don’t need to wait before doing the necessary things. Most of us have withheld our blessings unknowingly by being adamant and impervious to God’s messages through His servants.

What would work for A might not work for B because there is a time and season for everything. If you missed your time and season, you would have to be on a waiting period for such a season and time to come back if possible.

Let’sendeavourr to do what is necessary at any given time without procrastination.


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