‘My Daddy Is A Shepherd And We Are Always Hungry’- Young Church Member

February 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 8 Comments »

If I ask twenty young Celestial Church female members if they would marry a Shepherd, I can bet it with you that, it’s not likely we get more than two that may want to be married to a shepherd, the reason is because, our shepherds are hungry and their family is at the receiving end. Since it’s the season of change, our Shepherds have needs too, we need to change the way things are with us starting from them. It’s God’s order!

This touching story actually happen to a young girl in the church and we felt sharing it may bring the change we clamour for in our church for our leaders to do the needful and take care of the Levites who are in our midst.

“Last Sunday, I was in church and everyone looked glorious… And the service was just heavenly, my Shepherd was delivering the message with so much passion…His words were hitting me right where I sat, suddenly my stomach did a flip flop… Oh….No! Not in church… I couldn’t control it.. I immediately dashed into the toilet and had a wonderful time there… but I could bet I was hearing sobs… Sobs! coming from the back of the toilet.

After cleaning up, I followed the sound and guess who I met, Esther, my Shepherd’s beautiful six-year old daughter crying and Deborah, nine years trying to calm her down.. I tried to find out what was wrong, even though it took a long time before they voiced out.

“We are hungry…” Esther said and continued, “Aunty when I grow up, I will never marry a Shepherd, so that I won’t be hungry… My Daddy is a Shepherd and we are always hungry, but my friend’s daddy is not a Shepherd and they never go hungry. Even mummy is hungry, we didn’t eat yesterday.”

I couldn’t tell how tears flowed down my face, and God’s word hit me like an arrow in my heart”

We have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap material gift from you”…1 Corinthians 9:11.

How could I explain to this girAkure Celel’s that being a shepherd was a noble work and that the reason why they were going hungry was not their father’s fault but the fault of we the members…. We were not following God’s order… A lot of us eat delicacies and forget the Levites who are interceding for us before God… We forget men who have sleepless nights digging the scriptures to get out secrets to move our life forward… The Holy Spirit technically raised my head up as I saw the array of executive cars owned by the members which was a big contrast to the rickety car my shepherd drives… Now I understand why my pastor’s wife wore clothes that were not fashionable.

Friend, it’s high time, we started taking the material needs of those who are blessing us spiritually seriously… Would it be wrong to personally place your shepherd on a monthly allowance? Would it be wrong to support your shepherd in paying his children’s school fees? Anyone who blesses you or ministers to you spiritually, make it a duty to bless them materially…Our shepherds are hungry…. 1 Corithians 9:11. If God has blessed you, bless a minister today and see how God will bless your ways… Remember a soldier who defends a nation and fights for a country does not have to do a side job in other to meet his needs…. The Army provides for him and his family… Let’s provide for our spiritual soldiers…. Have a blessed week.

-Original author not known.

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8 responses to “‘My Daddy Is A Shepherd And We Are Always Hungry’- Young Church Member”

  1. oluyinka says:

    Its always good for we church members to provide the needs of our shepherds because it is not a sin if they reap from us carnally ( 1st Corinthians 9 vs11 If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?).

    Let this be known to our shepherds too. The gift of a man maketh room for him and bring him before great men.. Proverbs 18vs16…… Let them invest in their calling, dig deep and their calling will enlarge their coast.

  2. Olusegun mercy jegede says:

    Jesus have mercy, I am deeply touched.

  3. Kunle Onward says:

    Let’s open our spiritual eyes to see the Celestial fortunes,the Celestial blessing is real and beyond human understanding. For those who understands can never stop to bless their shepards and God would never stop to enrich them more according to his riches. Yes you may wright that not all shepards are hungry, but this is not funny oooo, some shepherds have stature that you can not understand that they are ungry, until you go closer to them, they are not beggars you should understand that not until you go to SOS villages, there are a lot of SOS in our mist too Halleluyah!!!!

  4. Prophet akonfe says:

    Not all shepard that is hungry

  5. Prophet akonfe says:

    Not all Shepard dat us hungry ok

  6. morenikeji says:

    This is serious. I’m a shepherd’s daughter as well n I experience this when my father was working n d vine yard
    We suffered, no house to live in, food, cloth. My parents have to embark on petty trade, cutting n selling of firewood, my mother planted cassava, havest, process into garry n fufu, we take these stuffs to market to sell before we can eat. We abandoned school n one see to it. I can’t say everything, in all I give glory to God Jehovah who did not leave us.

  7. K. Lekan says:

    Two of my Shepard son had already took
    The cross thou it not so easy ,but with God all
    Things are possible, the holy Bible said contribute to the need of the saint as we
    Do this God will be there for us. Halleluyah

  8. Houndeyin Francis says:

    How many of the so called shepherds today can pray that their sons should become shepherds?

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