My Mum Is Not A Normal Person…- Deborah Oshoffa’s Son Writes About Her Virtues

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Deborah Oshoffa’s second son, Temitope Abayomi Omoniyi Emmanuel Aso has just put some words down about his mum who is celebrating her birthday today. The young man reveals some good virtues of his mum and it’s so touching that I thought sharing it with you would be a best deal.

“The wait was actually driving me crazy but thank God tiz here. To my hero,my icon,my mother,I wish u a very happy birthday and llnp. Ekira fun mama mi, my ever cheerful bae of life! You thought that was all I wrote right; you’re not getting away that easy mom.

My mother is not a normal person, she’s a heroine, an abami eda, no heart is as pure as a mother’s heart, no love is as unconditional as a mother’s , no will is as strong as a mother’s will to protect her kids, no strength is as hardcore as a mother’s. These are just some of the reasons why I cherish you Gbolasere.  A mother can be defined with uncountable qualities which include patience, perseverance, kindness, love, beauty (not facial this one comes from the heart), being joyous, caring, protective ,scary and flexible at the same time, just to mention a little in fact a mother cannot be explained.

My mother has all these factors and many more. She’s a true woman of unimaginable and irreplaceable worth; you are the strongest person I know especially when it comes to protecting your children and your family. I pray and know you will have a grand lifetime, the woman who sacrificed many a precious moments in her life, so that I could have them in mine, Debbie you sacrificed a lot for us and I will never forget all you forfeited so I could be happy, the awesome memories of my childhood I have with you have become my shadow.

They follow me wherever I go, and I hope it never stops being so mum, when you told me what to do, I thought you were boggling me down. But in hindsight I realize that you were actually giving me wings to soar higher than the world believed I could go, like the ground beneath my feet, all the love and care you’ve put into my life has turned into a foundation that will support me as I walk through life’s twists and, no one else is as lucky as me, because I’ve got a mom as awesome as you.

Mom, all your life, your prayers have always been for our happiness. Today, my prayer is for you to accomplish everything you wish for in life and more, like how the flowers get replenished in spring, you’re the one who has fixed my injuries and sores, mum you’re my source. L ife hasn’t been fair to us mom but I’m willing to trudge it all, because I have a mom who gave it all up for me, only a super mom can do everything you do and still look amazing every day!

Happy birthday to a mom who just keeps getting younger at heart and in all aspects, you are breathtakingly beautiful with each year you age, and I promise I’m not just saying this because it’s your birthday (smiles), every morning I wake up and everyday I have the privilege of sailing through , I do something that he makes me think of you I see you in most of what I do. Thank you for passing down these important life lessons, throughout my life, you have always been the strength that holds me up in the stormiest of times.

Maminiyi, you are the reason for whom this beautiful world has become visible to me mami, I want to thank you for keeping the belief in my ability even when the whole world including myself had given up on me. When everyone else had given up, you were the only person to guide me all the way, I know every mom is special, but trust me there is no other mom who can be compared to your qualities and abilities, throughout my life your valuable advises have led me safely. Your words are my guidance and your love is the most precious item to me now and forever, wouldn’t trade it for the whole world mom.

Now, this is the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done and are still doing for me, today is all about you and for you alone, because it’s the birthday of the most beautiful lady in this entire universe on this day exactly 44 years ago the best angel from heaven was born in this world into the family of Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa and later she became my origin, my source of life and motivation, my lovely mom.

I’m so grateful to you mom, I want to tell you that – every day I crown you with the “Best Mother of the Year” award. There is no one who can come even closer to your approach towards life; I have success because you’re my Mom. I have happiness because you’re my Mom, I have God in my life because you’re my mom, I have great qualities because you’re my mom, i have love because you’re my Mom.

I’m so glad I have you as my mother. Happy birthday to the lady I revere the most in this universe. Deborah Gbolasere Oshoffa you will live to eat the fruit of your labor Debbie, e de ma pe laye ju ebora owu lo, break 206 bones and enjoy today like it’s never gonna end cuz itz ur day Maminiyi, it’s us against the world mom, it’s always been. With love from your second son, Temitope Abayomi Omoniyi Emmanuel Aso.”

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4 responses to “My Mum Is Not A Normal Person…- Deborah Oshoffa’s Son Writes About Her Virtues”

  1. Arewa says:

    ☺ thank u all and Amen….

  2. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    Happy birthday great Mum. God bless your new age ma

  3. Olumide says:

    I love this it shows a great bond between a mother and her son. That is a great family quality

  4. Bola Areh,Omo Baba Jerimoyamah. says:

    Very touching, Happy Birthday Sis,

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