Mysteries Behind Choir Cape…How A Barren Woman Got Twins For Washing It!

January 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 5 Comments »

choir-capeThe synopsis of the beautiful stories you hear about choirs or choristers in Celestial Church Of Christ, Worldwide is what i am presenting to you here today. Going into the full story, we are definitely going to have another Bible book to reveal about the mysteries surrounding the choir and things therein. I will also give a compendious  report about the barricade and the colours of the tape as well as why the barricade is close to the altar.

Have you ever find out the reason why the barricade is near to the Holy Altar? Or have you ever imagine why the choristers put on Blue capes taped with yellow gold?

Wait a minute; do you think that yellow at the edge of the Cape is just yellow colour? No way!!! It does portray GOLD in spiritual realm. Do you want evidence? I’ll proof it for you.

Celestial Church Of Christ is absolutely complete, only a fool doubt proofs. There are so many mysteries behind this great fold that are bigger than just human imagination.

One of the major reasons why the barricade is very close to the altar is because the choristers portray the soldiers after God’s heart. Let me take you away from our tenets and draw you to the scriptures (David was a man after God’s own heart in that he was truly thankful. “I wash my hands in innocence, and go about your altar, O LORD, proclaiming aloud your praise and telling of all your wonderful deeds” Psalm 26:6–7).

As choir members you are liable to enjoy in the presence of the Lord as King David did. Wait, did I just compare you with King David now? Oh! Yes, that shows how big God values that position.

A complete account of the origin and background history of choir gowns is beyond ordinary research ability but thanks to the ancient history about King David which proves how he rendered songs of praises with half long blue linen taped round with gold. “1 Chronicles 15:27” (Just same as choir master in CCC)

In case you don’t know, the choristers cape is the only free regalia you put on in our fold without paying kobo to anyone, just to prove how special that position is. If you think I am lying, show me anywhere in Celestial Church Of Christ where money is required before giving you the Cape.

Nine years ago, one of my student parish members (Eruwa campus) told me about her sister (choir member) who Doctor said she couldn’t conceive again, after I met the woman at Ibadan, I encouraged her to engaged in washing the choir capes with faith and prayers (She did diligently for just Four months and Two weeks) God opened her womb with twins named Peter and Paul.

That cape you are looking at as nothing represent so many things you can’t see physically.

Don’t make the barricade a place where you gist about irrational things or turn it to a cage where all sorts of immoralities are carried out.

Don’t make the barricade an avenue where you show the whole church you’ve got a good shape.

Sing from the bottom of your heart to Jehovah and dance with all your might as David did (2 Samuel 6:14). Then, you can be assured your reward will come quickly.

I pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for our beautiful choristers across the world.

I am Prophet Fisayo Joel.

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5 responses to “Mysteries Behind Choir Cape…How A Barren Woman Got Twins For Washing It!”

  1. Oluwasesan Alaba says:

    I sincerely appreciate the gift of God in your life and thankful for this message, very inspiring and enlightening.
    Please need more on this particular topic please.

  2. Emmanuel Vote Obodo says:

    A very inspirational and convincing piece, good for the curious mind.

  3. MC Eunice Kusimo says:

    I commend ur wisdom may God continue to enlarge your coast amen

  4. Akindurodemi Israel says:

    I respect and commend the glory of God in you, prophet Fisayo Joel. Your piece were deep in thoughts. The Bible quotes is a plus. Keep enlightening the novice about the fold. Your reward is awaiting you.

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