N12m Anointment Money: Rev EMF, Popoola, Solomon Saga (2)

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Continue from last episode……

This then prompted Rev. EMF to give an order that they should all go back to their former rank, Superior Evang, until the issue of money is resolved.

Unfortunately about a week ago, after all efforts to retrieve their money or withheld rank proved abortive, right in EMF’s office, they threaten to involve the Police at Elewe Eran, Abeokuta to get Pope arrested and also bring in the EFCC to investigate the matter of financial crime against Baba Popoola and Rev EMF.

Mind you, the 48 shepherds are only part of a group of people from Ifo and a few from Abeokuta area, we are not even talking about the other 5 regions under his jurisdiction. “They said they gave Popoola money and they surely will collect their money back. They told them that they had proof of all payments made.

The money wasn’t paid into any account so that they wont be able to trace it. They all paid cash without any receipts nor proof of payment thatPopoola collected money from them. At the end of the meeting, the aggrieved parties and Popoola were asked to leave pastor’s office that they should go and settle withhim that was how everyone left.”

Another sheoherd who is one of them at Ketu said,  “So, on the 7th of this month, they went to see Baba Ajao with Baba Segun Folorunsho again while Evang Tosho represented Rev EMF.

But before this august visit, Ketu already summoned  Baba Popoola when the shepherds under him weren’t present. That was where they settled the issue but nobody was informed about anything but we knew they summoned him and asked him to come back and see Rev EMF in his new house around Isheri road along Berger that’s where pastor just rented. So they all went there to see him.

So when they went to see him, Tosho came and told them the pastor’s decision, that they shouldn’t worry about the matter anymore, that the matter is not what should be escalated that they should go and put on their new regalia which is the Assistant Venerable Superior Evangelist.

And that pastor will collect the money from Popoola himself, that they shouldn’t worry since they have the record of people that went for the annointment. That they should go and put on their regalia instead of them creating unneccessary scene. That they would settle it with popoola. That was how they ended it.”

Dear readers, with what you have read here, you will agree with me that in the area of leadership, this church is sitting on a drum of gunpowder, if the situation is not speedily addressed holistically, it will obviously become messier and EFCC will look into this case and who knows whatever can of more worms will be unearthed.

It is about time we started calling for the resignation of EMF and his cronies if we want peace and progress for this church. For the gullible followers who will want to call me out, I pray may you not be lost in your blind followership because most of the things we write here have documented evidence.


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6 responses to “N12m Anointment Money: Rev EMF, Popoola, Solomon Saga (2)”

  1. Adedayo Gabriel says:

    But some shepherd collect percentages from the income of the church amounting to four hundred and five hundred thousand naira plus free accommodation, free medical insurance, free church busses with driver paid by the church, infact the church pays for their annointment and also pay for their inventure ceremony at the same time the church pay for any activities done by their families members like naming ceremony, wedding etc please let EFCC to come and investigate some parishes

  2. Prophet Zevunu says:

    This is their plan
    Spending Cele money without caution.That was why they attempted to blackmail those dedicated to bringing accountability and they castigated the likes of Baba Pius Olarewaju and they are still gallivanting and saying they will send egun prophets to deal with him.May Jehovah reward EMF and the cohorts accordingly.The painful part is that they have infected most shepherd with this virus of money seeking and non plans for heaven or salvation of church members.May Jehovah visit you with his judgement kiakia
    Tosho is covering up with experience
    Solomon is chopping money
    Benjamin is attending clubs in US and still being assigned a shepherd
    God save Celestial church

  3. Mr Johnson says:

    Cashing out on Cele sheer gullibility. Just money money and more money
    He obviously doesn’t believe in the God of his father just a caricature of holiness and packaging

  4. Alagba Ijo says:

    EMF ole ni e, all you think about is money and more money. Mark my word, your reign is over and if you don’t believe me wait and see.

  5. Alagba kunle says:

    Why are we charging #250,000 for annointment of Shepherd’s who are not being paid #100,000 monthly? It’s mind boggling and it will lead to more problems as we continue on this journey. God will save us.

  6. Pro Asiwaju Olusheyi says:

    Celestial is in darkness

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