N12m Anointment Money Siphoned…What The Authority Is Hiding

June 11, 2022 / Celestial News Online / Saints & Sinners / 6 Comments »

For about two weeks now, there was an allegation of anointment funds being siphoned by some people. The whole story was centred on Venerable Superior Evangelist Popoola popularly called ‘Pope’.

Pope is the Divisional Evangelist in Abeokuta, by the virtue of his position, he controls six regions. Towards the end of 2021, some parish clergymen under him were said to have paid a certain amount of money running into N12 million. Money, as #cno gathered, was meant for 48 clergymen under him seeking to get the rank of Assistant Venerable Superior Evang-AVSE, with each person, according to one of the clergymen, coughing out the sum of N250,000 for the title.

It was not well established if the 48 Shepherds were presented for the anointment rite before Rev. Rev EMF Oshoffa; but their investiture, Iwuye as we call it, which was presided over by Popoola was done at Ibara, the Parish he heads in Abeokuta. (#cno has video evidence of this) they were told not to adorn the new rank because of a discrepancy in what they paid for the Rank.

Here is what one of the shepherds said to #cno

“So when Rev. EMF arrived and was intimated about what transpired, it was from there that the story of the task force came into being last year whereby a letter was sent out that nobody should wear any rank of AVSE without authorisation from the Task Force.”

#cno was informed that it was when the task force carried out their investigation that they found out the money Pope collected from them wasn’t fully remitted. So Rev. EMF said everyone under Popoola shouldn’t wear their regalia and that their names did not appear in the Gazette.

Now, hear this, “The group approached Pope on hearing the bad news after their findings and Baba Popoola said he paid. Well, for clarification, the entire 48 shepherds went to see Rev. EMF to clear the air regarding their rank and the money paid, but on getting to him he said it to their face that Baba Popoola didn’t give him any money.

This team of shepherds went back to Baba Popoola and told him what Baba EMF told them, that he didn’t collect a dime from him. There and then, Baba Popoola insisted that he gave the money to Solomon Oshoffa, P.A. to Rev. EMF.

The confused clergymen had to arrange for another meeting with Baba EMF where everyone gathered including Pope and Solomon and they asked Baba Popoola before the little crowd, “where is the money for our anointment, who did you give it to?”

Baba Popoola replied, he said they should ask his secretary (his own secretary this time) they said that was an insult to the people sitting including Rev EMF, “you are being asked a question and you said they should ask your secretary,” one of the angry men fired back at him!

But it was shocking when his secretary said, “boss it’s you I gave the money and you said you already gave the money to Solomon.”
Then, Solomon reacted and said, you didn’t give me any money sir. The money you gave to me was for 2020. You’ve not given me any money for the 2021 anointment Sir. The people there now said they were there for the 2021 anointment and not 2020…TO BE CONTINUED


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6 responses to “N12m Anointment Money Siphoned…What The Authority Is Hiding”

  1. Chris . A. Ogbaisi says:

    This is pure leadership failure and rogues in white garment .
    Is it not obvious to all that major concern of crops of leadership is stomach infrastructure .
    Non of these shepherds can heal a patient with malaria not to talk of perform miracle . Their interest is more on earthly gains and show of dexterity . Smh

  2. Celestial Ombudsman says:

    Forcing Shepherds to do beyond what they are supposed to do just to get the money. How many Shepherds collect #250,000 in a month or even two as their monthly wages/Ipin.
    Before EMF clergies didn’t pay as much as laitys for anointment…. it’s so annoying.
    Now Shepherds don’t even get anything back from the money their members pay for anointment like they used too….. It’s so sad!
    Nowadays everyone is finding an avenue to make money through anointment right from the pastor, to his office staff as well as officers in the field.
    Who can we even rely on again???

  3. Alagba Bolu says:

    Common thief la won eleyi, Olorun a ri ejo da.
    O sad gan ni o …

  4. Alagba kunle says:

    #250,000 for clergy annointment? Incredible. Where are we heading to in this church. I tot it was not true when it was rumoured before. All I can say is that. God is watching us all

  5. OGUNDIJO IFE says:

    So it has become OJU OLE DA,,,,,,,OJU OLE RE

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