Naturally And Spiritually Insane Dance Before God (Video)

May 8, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 7 Comments »


When a Celestial member who has the knowledge of the Almighty God claims that she is dancing before God and she dances in this manner before her Creator, it shows how indiscipline such a person is before her creator, that person is both spiritually and naturally insane. They are stolen by the dogmas of the day. What a shame to them and not to our church!

Psalm 2:11 Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Dear Celestians, the prescribed pattern of worship is what the honoured King David is pointing at.

Pure worship not unnecessary chewing of the mouth, indecent dressings, indecent dancing,unGODLY slogans in Church, stealing, foul language, poor moral lifestyles, unnecessary noise and shouts and demonic doctrines must cease, it is proscribed.

Can somebody tell me why the shepherds will not be tempted with this kind of immorality in display?

Please any information about this CCC Parish, we need it as soon as possible and who their Shepherd’s ID. This church needs to apply some discipline into their youths, not even when they are in their garment.

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7 responses to “Naturally And Spiritually Insane Dance Before God (Video)”

  1. Prophet T. Michael says:

    Before you crucifying the youths for dancing crazy let start with decipline in the choir and stopping the earthly and street music we allow in the church and the spraying of money. The same elder blaming the youth encourage this behavior when they spray money and it has gotten to the point where we pay singers and choir members to come and sing earthly songs some of them even come into the choir stand with mufty some in their monthly circle. Put it is this way, if there is no crazy music there will not be crazy dance.

    We were told in the scriptures David danced as if he was crazy to praise his God. The problem is not the dance but the absence of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Omole Funmilayo says:

    charity begins at home. if the youths can dance like this without correcting them, how will the spiritual life of those worshiping in the parish be?. am really sorry for our youths. is that how sutana are been sew? na wah oooooo.

  3. Prophet Bumie Adesina says:

    Opinions are motivated by personal perceptions,and they are not facts. Dance in its logic is exotic, and conceptually libido in nature. We should be very careful in our judgement, and put things into perspective before trying to stone someone. How do you identify or what measure do you use to come to conclusion of your condemnation. The dictionary defines DANCE as to move the body and feet in rhythm lightly, rapidly or gaily. Celestial is known as the most praising church, singing and dancing for God. How do you identify the way the spirit move people in the church? do you want to call them lunatic? We should stop disgracing ourselves in presence of other churches.

  4. Ajiun Falokun. says:

    Insane dance indeed.God will change them for good.

  5. Akin Adeyemi says:

    I don’t blame them, where are the elder’s of the church to correct the young once! They are busy fighting for rank, money and women while satan is establishing his kingdom with in the church. During my time growing up in celestial, who ever is singing we be asked to change the song and the dancers we be asked to remove their white garments (sutana) before dancing to worldly music. I wish you had this on a blog. Keep up the good work of God.

  6. Mary Caleb says:

    The stupid of highest order in display, lunatic members displaying lunatic mode of dancing as taught by their shepherds. Charity they say emanated from home and taken to public. So it’s not New seeing satan in angelic form demonstrating in the name if dance. I pity the shepherd and elders of that parish. Even those youths should be ashamed of dogmatic display. Do you think these people will have a home in future having their intended hubby to be seeing them in this way. All on social media. Apology to use the word Animal in Human Skin. They are just followers to church. Both male and female in this show of mess.

  7. Oluwatoyin DARLINGTON says:

    Seriously Serious OOO Omo IjoMimo TWERKING LOBADE, IT IS WELL.

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