What You Need To Know About Jehovah, Jesus Christ And Holy Michael In Celestial Prayer

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angel-michaelKnowledge, they say, is power. As members of this great church, it’s mandatory for us all to know about tenets and doctrines of the church. If we know and keep them, it will be of great importance for us when the Devil knocks at the door to tempt us just as he did to Job.

For Liz Ebony Angel she took her time out of her busy schedules to write about the roles of the three names we call before making our prayer requests. You will have something to learn from in it. Enjoy it!

“I sometimes laugh when am being asked to pray and when I begin to pray especially among nons-Celestial Member and you see their eyes wide open when they hear the three names as if am chanting an incantation…

Some of the Celestial Church members can’t even pray boldly outside because of these, they feel ashamed but in my case I’m always happy to start my prayers with it.

There is nothing fetish about Celestial Church nor the tenets and doctrines…

The three names are just so powerful that “I will recommend to non-Celestial members to try it out by starting with it in their prayers then give me the feedback”.

Here I analyse the Role of the three names and why we use them.

JEHOVAH… psalm 83:18,Rev 4:11

Jehovah is also God, the creator of all things, the maker of all souls, Jehovah is God’s unique name, in Hebrew it is called YAHWEH and represented in a symbol (YHWH) known as Tetragrammaton… In our daily prayers, We acknowledge Him first, just like a wife acknowledges her husband in the morning before anything…we must acknowledge Him as the Head before any requests.. And that’s why we say Jehovah in Celestial way.


Of course everyone knows Christ as the Son of God, our Savior, without Him in our life where would we have been? The Role Christ plays in our prayers is more than I could talk or explain but Christ serves as the Mediator between Us and God, let’s call him our spokesman, He is our Advocate (John 2:1) He intercedes for us. He pleads on our behalf when God wants to get angry at us… He acts like the middle man in the prayers..

HOLY MICHAEL  (Jude 1:9, Daniel 10:13-21)

Michael known as a warrior! An archangel. He’s the leader of the army of Christ against forces of evil. The role Michael plays in the prayer is to fight against any Devil agent trying to disrupt the prayer or wants to act dubious to make sure the prayer is not getting to the right place… Michael stands with the sword of Flames (known as Michida) to fight the devil. He is the most feared angel even Satan/Lucifer runs when Michael is around… So the Role of Angel Michael is very important in our prayers.

The three names alone sometimes solve the battle and hit the Devil before saying other words of requests…

The name of the Lord (Jehovah) is a strong tower the righteous runs into it and His saved…

Ask in my name (Jesus) and it shall be given unto You.

Michael the archangel said unto the Devil “THE LORD REBUKE THEE”.


2 responses to “What You Need To Know About Jehovah, Jesus Christ And Holy Michael In Celestial Prayer”

  1. N/A says:

    Thankyou for an explanation.
    Based solely on the reason as to why Holy Michael is called.

    1. I don’t really see the link between Jude 1:9 and why that justifies calling his name at the beginning of prayer.

    2. I’m assuming there must have been some instruction to Celestians to all of a sudden use Angel Michael’s name in conjunction with Jehovah and Jesus.

    3. I understand that the Bible gives direct instruction to call on the Father’s name in prayer. Matthew 6:9. Jesus specifically says pray like this…Our Father. Also Jesus says in John 14:!3 to ask for anything in my name, which then again if in prayer you are asking for anything Jesus’ name is justified in being used during prayer or requests. I don’t see where in the Bible it justifies an instruction to use an angels name in prayer or request. And surely the comparison of Jesus’ name being higher than any other name (Philippians 2:9). Hebrews Chapter 1 explains how Jesus is worshipped by the angels and is higher than the angels.

    God calls we that are adopted through the Holy Spirit His sons. Hebrews 1 explains how the angels are servants of those who inherit salvation and are never honoured the way Jesus is honoured. Clearly there is a significant differentiation in relationship of Gods sons and God’s angels. So what is the necessity of calling an angels name when there is a greater name to already call ie Jesus.

    If Daniel’s prayer was being held up because of Satan who Angel Michael came to “sort him out” shall I say, then how much more Jesus when his name is called. Again here what is the necessity of calling an Angel’s name.

  2. dami king says:

    good talk god bless yu

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