Nemesis: The Evil This Shepherd Did, Runs After His Children

July 13, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / On The Spot / 1 Comment »

Life is beautiful to live in but many people have made life so difficult for others to live in. God watches what man does every time, every hour and every day but men do not believe that truly God is watching what we do each day.

The heart of man is full of wickedness, There was once a known shepherd in Celestial Church who gave birth to three children, boys, all of them are educated and sound. One of them desired to play football but his effort to go across Europe for an international football was aborted three good times whenever they were about to select players, he would be the only one left out of the squad.

The young man tried everything humanly possible to go to Europe to fulfil his desires but to no avail. Then a spiritual message came out for this young man that his father has offended his most trusted workers working with him and he had denied most people their rights years ago.

It takes prayers and time for the glory to be restored to the boy and that of the family of the shepherd for them to experience God’s favour and blessings in their lives. He never understood the gravity of what their father did in his days as a shepherd to people working under him and people around him.

What goes around comes back around, God is watching your deeds, either good or bad, leave everything for God to handle do not take laws into your hands God will surely fight for you if you believe in him.

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Many shepherds like that have denied workers and people their rights and what belongs to them. They used to see themselves as lords, they can lord on people and trample on them without anyone questioning them, but God can, at the right time.

It takes GOD’s time to deal with His anointed but not for other people to touch them because they’re God’s anointed. Wait patiently and God will represent you where he needs to in your life and ministry.


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One response to “Nemesis: The Evil This Shepherd Did, Runs After His Children”

  1. Tayo Joseph Wolima says:

    As a worker in the vineyard, the question that comes to my mind is ” Are most so called workers; Shepherds included working towards attainment of heavenly crown?” Just as a popular Celestial Church song enjoined us. ” Ka sise mimo, ka le de ade iye, ka sise pipe ka le de ade ogo.”
    There are some shepherds we refer to as the ” wait for your time shepherds”. They arrogate and even equate themselves to God, deciding the fate of workers, church members and others as if they have never opened the Bible in their lives. Some are wicked and stingy. It is a winner takes all kind of thing.
    The Bible says that we should pray for our leaders, it will be a good thing if members can be helping to pray for not only the shepherds but all workers in the vineyard, so as to help them redirect their steps and not forfeit the main reason why they were called.

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