New Dress Sense Of Celestian Ladies…Wolima Tayo Joseph’s Point Of View

October 24, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 4 Comments »

celestial-women-fashionDoes any of our female members actually know that the way they dress to church either brings honour to God or otherwise? Permit me to explain this to you! If you are the type that dresses to church to kill or to entice either knowingly or unknowingly; and a male member is lured to commit adultery with you either from his heart or the both of you later get involve amorously as a result of your appearance, you will definitely pay for it.

I am deeply worried about the new dressing code of our ladies in Sutana these days. Putting on the Sutana and a little bit of makeup to make you feel good about yourself is okay. My concern is the new trend of using RED lipstick while putting on the sutana for Church services. Apart from the fact that using RED things is one of the things our doctrine frowns at. Red lipstick to me looks very incongruous on the Sutana, and not fashionable at all. Ladies, please let us take the issue of fashion easy while going to the Church. Thank you and God bless.

Akereyeni Gideon Gbenga’s contribution to the above post from our amiable mother.

In fact God Bless u ma for not always being part of those leaders who hides from the truth either for the fear of losing members or because of what they want to eat, having forgotten that it’s God’s work and He is ready to take care of them if only they are truly called by the “God of Celestial!”….

To back up your points ma, I’ve even realised that since make up was introduced, our ladies/females in general no longer take their time to care of their natural beauty anymore, because they really focus more on artificial beauty which is not the best, in fact from my research I discovered that 70% of ladies who depend on make-up have by themselves make their natural beauty to fade away simply because the more they have time for the artificial make-up, the less they care to take care or treat their faces to maintain the Heavenly given appearance/beauty….

In addition ma, the kind of materials/stuff our females sew and wear these days is worrisome and it’s really tarnishing the image of their parishes/themselves and their Shepherds because not all parish shepherds tolerate such act of indiscipline…even some would put on big ear-rings on Sunday as if they are going for their Friday clubbing things or Owanbe party and this is commonly seen among the choristers. Please Midweek is enough for you to look like whatever you are wish to look like, so make the Sunday (Sabbath Day) Holy as the One we follow, Jesus Christ has instructed us!

Please share this post till it gets to all the Celestial choirmasters/Shepherds/Parishes/ and church workers especially the Onibodes(side men/women)…Let’s do our duty in the church and forget about things of the World….

God Bless U all…

4 responses to “New Dress Sense Of Celestian Ladies…Wolima Tayo Joseph’s Point Of View”

  1. Korede adeniyi says:

    Ijo olorun ko ni baje

  2. King Sammy says:

    Well said.

  3. dami king says:

    gud tlk

  4. anuoluwapo oloyede oni says:

    Very Hapi About Dis Write Up,ijo Mimo Ko Nibaje O

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