New Jerusalem: Disciplinary Actions Should Be Taken Against The Shepherd-Ubibi

April 16, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 22 Comments »

One of those who aired their opinion concerning the on-going saga at New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester, UK, Ubibi, the name left in the comment box, said the shepherd, Evang. Owolabi Oni should be punished for beaten up a member of his church and I don’t know why she or he has to come up with that kind of submission.

No doubt, it’s disheartening to hear about atrocities committed in the name of God but I still think the office of a shepherd is a sacred one. I see it as an office in which one becomes a servant, an under shepherd to Jesus Christ to look after and serve the church (his beloved bride) with all diligence and truthfulness.

Be that as it may, airing your opinion or correcting the wrongdoings of our shepherds has Biblical backings and I do not see anything wrong in doing that. 1 Timothy 5:1 “Do not rebuke an elder, but appeal to him as to a father. Treat younger men as brothers”

So, for Ubibi saying “….This is what I think should happen, disciplinary actions should be taken against the Shepherd, I am happy that he has apologized, it takes a man to apologize but sanctions has to be taken against him, this will certainly serve as a deterrent. As for Ajayi, he was wrong too, you don’t raise your voice or quarrel in the house of God, the Shepherd is the head of the parish, irrespective of your title as a Venerable, you have to recognize that the Shepherd is the boss and that’s why he is called “Shepherd In Charge”, they are like the C in C- Commander in Chief.

Our problem in CCC is humility, arrogance has gotten hold of us, our titles have become an impediment to us. We really don’t know the powers behind Ijo Mimo, if keep on going this way, we will put our lives in danger. We are in the church to worship God not for politics; we are only endangering ourselves when we play politics. Esin Oluwa ninu Ijo Mimo yii,

“Take care of your works in Celestial, Over the Hills and over the Plane, My eyes behold your works in heaven, Show Humility, Celestial church, Work righteously in celestial church”

Do you think the shepherd should be discipline for his action?

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22 responses to “New Jerusalem: Disciplinary Actions Should Be Taken Against The Shepherd-Ubibi”

  1. Omo cele ni mi says:

    How many has condemned our Lord Jesus Christ for flogging the thieves, money doubler’s and their cohort of of the temple? Non. OurnLord Jesus is asngentle as a dove, He gave HIs all for the the salvation of our soul, soooo kind, the bible says His banner over us is Love, yet he got violent in the temple, the question is why. He was God in human flesh, there are soon many atrocities that are being committed by the so called elders in CCC, soon much insults even against God by these position seeker’s. God consumed with water in the time of Noah, He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah yet saved His own. It is very easy to condemn the Shepard involved due to the physical evidence on the so called victim but has anyone thought of those unseen pains that Shepard might have being through due to their nasty behaviors for solo long. Celestians I believe it is the high time the sons of the devil whose main mission is to kill, steal and destroyed be flogged out of CCC world wide. Let’s show it to them that we are true sons of God, omo Bilewu OShoffa on point. Jesus has done it before we can do it again. Don’t forget ijo yi ni yio we aiye no, and to achieve this we need to be clean both in and out as well.

  2. snr Evang Mewoaiye banjo says:

    Its well ccc

  3. Olabisi Emmanuel. says:

    Hmmm!!!, this is nothing but a shame, big disgrace to all. Well, if heads in ccc fails to put up an independent disciplinary committee that will not be biased in passing out corrective measures to any difaulting member or shepherd, then we have a very long way to go as a Christian body. Secondly, intermittent training should be organized for all our so called shepherds, many of these shepherds are constituting nuisance all in the name of shephard. Celestial mpic, wake up. The church is experiencing serious temptations. God help us.

  4. Rose says:

    Well I should clearly address this issue in a simple tone!
    The so called church is in United Kingdom , which means it operates under the Acts of Parliaments not your celestial doctrines.The shepherd will surely be prosecuted by the crown court because this is a serious criminal offence against a person. A breach of Section 18 and 20 of the same law. I will appreciate that most of the comments on this forum are from Nigerians that lives in Nigeria.It’s such a shame my brothers and sisters that the laws in Nigeria don’t work! But here in the U.K the laws does work very well irrespective of who you are. So to help your curiosity the shepherd will go to jail! It’s now a case between Regina ( our Majesty the Queen)and the shepherd (R v Shepherd).This is not about Anu Ajayi but the criminal action of the Shepherd. Please note that the shepherd is not immune from this offence and will also be deported to Nigeria after he finishes his jail terms as provided under the UK immigration rules.

  5. El-moph. says:

    Can someone just answer me in a very simple sentence. Does being a Shepard means someone should be a fool.? Like i usually said, God knows what no man knows. we were not there but based on what we have been reading so far on this matter……………………..please people should try reading the story before commenting. “Gun esin nikese,Tani wan ma fi irin gun ti ko ni faraya”.

    • Joel Adegoke says:

      So it is right for a shepherd to engage in a physical fight. Where is the attribute of a leader and not a mere leader but a spiritual leader. Reading the whole story is not the point but for all shepherd to always remember their call.

  6. prince says:

    # Smile
    I reserve my comment for now

  7. Joel Adegoke says:

    I stand to be corrected. The fact is the first paragraph of this story got me and I did not bother reading the whole story. (A shepherd head butted a member because he was provoked). Seriously, shepherds you all are called as you proclaimed to the church and everyone. As a leader, head butting should not happen in the first place. Why engage in a physical fight when there are better ways to address issues. Physical fight is really trending among shepherds and members recently. A shepherd in Ojodu Berger axis in Lagos is an expert in this field. Shepherds, the youths are looking up to you, act like leaders. Bleaching of skin, money conscious are other trending habits, I recommend training should be done for all shepherds by the management of the church. Proper scrutinization should also be done for shepherd……..

  8. lolo of lobotomy says:

    this is a terrible act,and i don’t believe dis should hv cum from a man of God. bro anu is a God fearing man,and so humble in God vineyard.this so called pastor shud be put to justice nd as well punished.

  9. toluwanimi olufemi afolabi says:

    This story is not correct, I guess writer did not follow the saga very well. Ajayi anuoluwapo cause everything when was fighting with the other man, the Shepherd in charge talk to him yet he keep raising his voice on him, Shepherd only to him that he has no working permit, is using another man working permit to work. The Shepherd even apologies before going to watching of feet yet he went to call police and defiled the house of God……

    • oppy j says:

      @johnson adeniyi,see to hell with blood that flows in him. You guys are not facing the facts but destroying this so called your Shepherd that could do that to his fellow member. Regardless of what Mr ajayi must have done,he ought not have stabbed him. See am a medical practitioner, see that wound is not from head collision but from a sharp object and he must face the law.and as for you if u keep on fighting for Will be the next to be stabbed to death by him.

  10. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    This is where I come against most of us in this church. Failure to face or say the truth. The offence was committed to a human being (civil) in a church (spiritual). His apology should not write off his punishment, it may only decrease the severity.
    What does CCC Constitution say concerning members of the church fighting, talk less of a supposedly shepherd expected to be a role model?
    Iam further disappointed when another Ven Sup could descend so low as to be abufive in his comment. Ki la gbe, ki le ju? Is he trying to inform the public of his support to the act? Flock of the same feathers…..?

  11. Ubibi Godwin Jr says:

    When I talk about Disciplinary majors, I simply mean that those at CCC International Headquarters in Ketu should setup a disciplinary committee to look into cases like this and pass judgements. Whatever punishment they deem fit is up to them. If this should happen in another denomination, a disciplinary committee would have been set up and necessary punishment meted out on both party… I believe that the both parties were wrong and as we all know, two wrongs don’t make a right… Had it been we have an active disciplinary in Celestial Church of Christ, a lot of the horrible stories that we hear about our beloved church wouldn’t have happened.
    One of the ways we can have a good image in the eyes of the public is by discipline, a lot of laxity, pride and other vices has crept into the church because there is no one to call us to order. Everybody seems to do whatever they like and that’s wrong! We will keep on disgracing ourselves in the public until disciplinary measures are put in place.

  12. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    A man who has no respect for God should be dealt with, it was people like him Jesus flogged out of the temple… does he has business at the shepherds feet wash in the 1st place ?
    who invited him to the gatherings of Shepherd ?
    who anointed or ordained him as Shepherd ?
    why on earth will the parish in the 1st place permit him to be conducting Wednesday (needy service) ? when a man is full of himself that is what u get. no respect or curtsy of any kind. a big shame.

    • Ife says:

      Ben Seyi
      I like u for saying ur mind
      So dat is y u all planned to kill him abi
      Don’t forget dat God is watching u all
      Bcos Anu is a very loyal man to d cour u pple are just wicked and jealous of God’s glory in his life
      U ave used urs for stealing

  13. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    so prison is the penalty for his actions ? Abike then ur brain should be checked and examined. u really need a doctor.

    • Niyi says:

      Thank God she has a brain
      U are brainless and u called ur self a man of God
      See d way u are talking
      God Of Celestial where are u
      Dis pple are not wort to be among us ooo

      • Joel Adegoke says:

        Ven Seyi,

        I’m really disappointed in your statement. So it is right for a shepherd to beat up his member. I wonder the kind of message the shepherds are sending out to people. It would have been nice you don’t put Ven. before your name when you dropped your comment. Shepherds of money……. Ojodu shepherd is another man fond of fighting his members. Big shame!

  14. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    Don’t forget he is also a man that blood is flowing through his veins. If he has humble himself to apologise why the prison? Does that make him better? Or does that speak good of the church of Christ?
    Mummy in the Lord diedie nitori Olorun

  15. Abike says:

    If I may ask is the Mike Tyson a landlord boxer (Shepard) or is he transferred to the church, if his the landlord boxer let him wipe out the name of the church to boxing church and if his transfer there they should ask him to leave the church because his a shame to presitwood mad man and a wolf in sheep clothing, did you say he has apologized to who, to the whole ccc worldwide or to his member or to the man if I may ask, he should go to prison because that is were he belong, as old as he his he doesn’t have a shock absorber as what he says he represents.

    • Yomi says:

      Abike u just said my mind thanks for dis

    • Oluwa logbon says:

      why are changing d story
      Anyway no matter how much u change d story God will still Fight for Anu Ajayi
      Dis man is not a shepherd at all
      Is better u come back to 9ja and do another business
      Shepherd my foot

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