New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester Pulls Out Of Ketu’s Jurisdiction (See Reason)

April 30, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 2 Comments »

Owolabi Oni & Feyi Atere

Latest news reaching us concerning New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester has it that, the Parish is no longer under the supervision of Feyi Atere, a concerned Celestial member in Manchester told us that “what this simply means is that, no authority can step into the case so as to retain the shepherd,Owolabi Oni whom the members of the Parish have agreed to keep with them.”

Sup. Evang. Feyi Atere, who is in charge of district of Manchester was said to have witnessed the issue that led to the imbroglio between Anuoluwapo and Owolabi Oni.  someone hinted that Feyi Atere said about the current issue at New Jerusalem that, “l have personally decided neither to make further investigations nor comment on the New Jerusalem Parish saga because they (the Church Elders) have withdrawn their membership of the Outer London Circuit of which l am the District Evangelist, therefore l have no more right to intrude in their affairs.”

But in a reaction to this, according to one of his aides, Feyi Atere, Shepherd, Bristol Parish, has not issued any official statement regarding the on-going saga, so therefore, he might not have said what they claimed he did say.

Miffed by this, in our usual manner, we put a call to one of the New Jerusalem’s elders for confirmation of the new development and this is what they said, “It’s true that we have removed ourselves from the Outer London Circuit under the leadership of Sup Evang Feyi Atere due to his incompetence, attitude and blasphemy of New Jerusalem Parishes worldwide. That’s why we removed ourselves. If a leader can make derogatory comments about parishes under him, why do we have to be under such a leader! You were rejoicing over a shutdown of a parish just because some members left Bristol to the place, why should their shutting down be celebrated or be rejoiced over?”

Under whose leadership are you now? We asked and they responded, “That’s yet to be decided upon because we want everything to be settled before we pick a place to pitch our tent as instructed by grand patron of New Jerusalem parishes worldwide who incidentally is his own ‘boy’, Yomi Oni.

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2 responses to “New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester Pulls Out Of Ketu’s Jurisdiction (See Reason)”

  1. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    Point of correction plsssssssss.
    I want to correct an impression here…
    For that fact that they are not under the circuit don’t mean they are no more under ketu’s authority.

    The circuit on his own missed up for not taking the proper steps at the right time.

  2. Akinleye Emmanuel says:

    When the issue of New Jerusalem stated, i listed my point of discussion and my first point was that the circuit head in person of sup.Evang ayere ought not to have make the statement he said during the washing of feet service,

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