New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester Saga: Anuoluwapo Recuperates (Photo)

April 15, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 16 Comments »

By now, we should have all realised that there is only one church that we belong and that church is Celestial Church of Christ. I am not soliciting for anyone here but i am only saying that, it’s not a mark of a great soul to continue to keep grudges, as Celestial members, we are expected to be the mirror of the society but it’s a pity, none of us, just a few exceptions, is doing the will of God. The action of Evangelist Owolabi Oni, Shepherd in charge, New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester has been condemned by majority, but the deed, however, has been done.

What needs to be done now, is to bury our hatchet, embrace peace and move forward, remember that message of Apostle John in 1st John 3:9 that says ” Anyone having born of God does not practice sin…” so, the shepherd has really erred there and have sinned but do we now say because of this, we should not imbibe the spirit of oneness? Do we now say we should not forgive one another when the creator of the universe forgives us on a daily basis when we ask for it? After all, the Bible implores us to forgive one another 77x 7 a day.

Our continuous display of a hardened heart will not make healing of frayed nerves and emotion possible, and that is against the commandment of Jehovah.  Oluso Owolabi has tendered his unreserved apology; i wish V/M/S/E Anuoluwapo Ajayi could show magnanimity for the sake of God and accept his apologies so he can disabuse the minds of those who see him in a different light.  I have been directed to do this by the Holy Spirit; i have no personal interest in any of the characters involved in this ‘Season Film’.

Meanwhile V/M/S/E Anuoluwapo Ajayi is said to be recuperating from the wounds sustained during the fracas with the Shepherd and another member of the church.

May God bless His church! Amen!!!

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16 responses to “New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester Saga: Anuoluwapo Recuperates (Photo)”

  1. Benjamin says:

    Oni Simon owolabi you ‘re wanted in UK, and if you’re not yet dead with the punishment after police catch you, that means you must state many punishment in nigeria untill you remove your self from celestial member, because God has reviewed all ur seceret this is last point, we can not allow you to spoil ( ijo mimo) if any leader ask you to move on, ur name and the particular leader will be carry out in the future, after all you don’t hv ur real evidence to proof that you have your certification as shepherd, all is fake we know that but many people didn’t know, my last advice for now don’t host that program you have on 20th may, If you host it hmmmm, oni Simon owolabi the Lord we ‘re serving in celestial church we punish you and your family with all ur generation joy will far from you and ur backbone who is leading you, as you ‘re using the God of celestial church to do bad things and put sad into some family sad continue in ur life and ur family from now oni Simon owolabi.

  2. Benjamin says:

    ( olu ijo mimo) will punish you as you Imo Simon owolabi and all your family, it as been long you hav been doing this, God gave our father S B J oshoffa lay down this our lovely church CCC world wide till God called him to rest in peace and many man of God hav lead with peace, you and your family just look for a business to get money, you tot is only celestial church and turn it to where you can serve(SANGO) If they search for your background is (OGUN’s ) even ur brother who owns pls and pls our leaders should get this sheeps and the shepherd down so we the young shall grow will not regret of going to UK or other countries to celebrate in our parishes there, just know the head of that family will surely fight you and the head and the water that came out of baba SBJ oshoffa when is suffrng to lay the down the church will fight you by spoiling and doing bad things in the name of this church, you will never rest in Jesus name AMEN

  3. Benjamin says:

    YES, the church need to close down and the killer Owolabi fake oluso need to be jail, reason is that this are the enemy of (ijo mimo) before the enemy used to hide but now they really mean business to kill to assaain and to destroying, (olu ijo mimo) will get them down in Jesus name, this church members are ready to tanish the name of celestial church of Christ in UK by doing all this remember that all police officers and many different churches are aware of this issue, If our leaders in celestial church refuse to punish this killer so call owolabi the shepherd of new jerusalm parish Manchester and the workers also close down this their office, not church, because the place is made to be doing things like killing, assassin and (Juju special house )

  4. Aiyetan sunday says:

    Let me make this clear to all,a Shepherd who turn out to be Wolf among the Sheep’s can definitely kill the sheep.Evangelist owolabi can’t be call a Shepherd in celestial, he exposited a behavior tantamount to an assassin, ready to kill VMSE anuoluwapo ajayi;a man of a reputable character, a mentor to so many young minister of God in our great Church. It is really a shame that the so call owolabi himself is a thug,drunk,and a promiscuous human being who is so fortunate to find himself leading the children of God.see,if no one take the bold step of sanctioning the so call owolabi,I bet you he will riot in jail because his case is an attempted murder and in few days he will be charged to Court….

  5. Ifeoluwa says:

    Mr Peace maker
    I wonder wat u will say assuming dey killed him as dey planned
    But All glory to God he is alive and he won’t die but live long in Jesus name
    Pls let Always put ourselves in pple’ shoes b4 we judge sir?

  6. Abike says:

    Ubibi you are very wrong here pls, are you celestial really born again I ask for the second time, what do you mean the Shepard is the BOSS, that is were you got it wrong my brother, the Shepard is a servant that is suppose to take all insult what so ever, go and read your Bible, study the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples and also go and do your research what it’s takes to be a leader, If I may ask all this so called Shepards who is there father or who’s there mentor, please you people should stop disgracing Christianity, you all are shame to Papa oshoffa and to the society God is really disappointed in you people calling yourself celestial.

    • Ubibi says:

      Abike, when I mean boss, I mean that he carries authority, an authority that was given to him by the holy church. I never for once defended the Shepherd, read my post again, I actually said that he should be disciplined. I never for once defended him.
      A shepherd is a human being Abike, you just can’t insult him and undermine is authority continuously and don’t expect him to react. Calling him derogatory names like illegal migrant and all that is painful, constituting nuisance in parish that he is in charge hurts a lot. If the Shepherd was Elijah or Elisha, he would have called down fire or call for two Bears or perhaps send for leprosy. This trouble has brewing overtime, it didn’t just start yesterday.
      The shepherd’s authority has been threatened, he over reacted thats for a fact but I never defended him. Even our Lord Jesus got angry too, he went into the temple with a whip and started flogging people. He got close to the fig tree and when he realized that there was no fruit in it, he cursed it and the tree dried. Even Moses got angry and smashed the tablet stone where the Ten commandment was written.

  7. Ubibi says:

    I really have to say that I am disappointed with the way we are taking this issue, as Christians and celestians, we really ought to be peacemakers but some of the comments here are so appalling, We call ourselves Christians but look out comments, it doesn’t show that Christ is in us. At a time where should be preaching about forgiveness and repentance, we are here bickering. This is the time for sober reflection, for Christ sake, this is Easter, does this season mean anything to us at all?
    This is what I think should happen, disciplinary actions should be taken against the Shepherd, I am happy that he has apologized, it takes a man to apologize but sanctions has to be taken against him, this will certainly serve as a deterrent. As for Ajayi, he was wrong too, you don’t raise your voice or quarrel in the house of God, the Shepherd is the head of the parish, irrespective of your title as a Venerable, you have to recognize that the Shepherd is the boss and that’s why he is called “Shepherd In Charge”, they are like the C in C- Commander in Chief.
    Our problem in CCC is humility, arrogance has gotten hold of us, our titles has become an impediment to us. We really don’t know the powers behind Ijo Mimo, if keep on going this way, we will put our lives in danger. We are in the church to worship God not for politics, we are only endangering ourselves when we play politics. Esin Oluwa ninu Ijo Mimo yii,
    “Take care of your works in Celestial
    Over the Hills and over the Plane
    My eyes behold your works in heaven

    Show Humility, Celestial church
    Work righteously in celestial church

  8. Peace says:

    @modupe or whatever your name is.

    2: things that will not happen that I can assure you personally.

    1: The church will definitely not close down!

    2: The Shepherd will not go !


    1: You will never be allowed to step foot in that parish. TRY IT AND SEE!!

    2: Your friend will be excused from the Parish.

  9. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I have said it before. This is the time for the Circuit head and District Evangelist to get actively involved in this matter to ensure discipline and maintain the progress of New Jerusalem Parish in Manchester. Assistant Venerable Superior Evangelist Fatusin is the HOD. What is he doing about this storm in a tea cup? Of course someone has been injured, egos and bodies bruised. However, this is a result of long standing tensions. The Shepherd is indeed sorry and has said as much. This is brave, commendable and exemplary of him. This is the time for Superior Evangelist (Dr) Olusegun Owolabi of Manchester 1 Parish to be invited to mediate in this imbroglio. This is so that his pioneering effort of bringing CCC to Manchester over 30 years ago should not be consumed in Police arrests and prosecution. This is the time for peace and cool heads. All have sinned in this matter. Let’s now follow the path of reconciliation, maturity and forgiveness. I do not want New Jerusalem Parish Manchester to close down on any account. That would be victory for dark forces.

  10. OluwatoPraise OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

    Counselor Peace Maker Journalist Michael Alonge, am very surprised@ your saying here. I can see in the process of becoming a Peace Maker you have turned to Judge of this mess. You did quote right, yes we must 77 x 7 a day so far Only Jesus Christ Passed through that quote and Passed with TRIUMPH.

    Are you saying Ajayi should just accept that piece of meaningless scrap of less me fool them apology note? Heeeee Mr, I personally would like to hear from the Other party AJAYI too. Many with no fear of God have Crucified and Assacinated his Personality​ so far.

    This is what I hate about quoting Bible wrongly as long as it suits one person. I Oluwatoyin OBATULA DARLINGTON and am sure other READERS would like to read from this poor man too. IN PLAIN WORDS…..THIS CASE IS FAR FROM CLOSING UP.


    YeyeOlomoPlenty JesusBae1luv Tayese1 Cares for All


  11. Anonymous says:

    There is no justification for what the Shepherd did. The Shepherd has apologised, fine but the situation at the moment is not just about begging Anu but to ask and look after his health. It will be nice for the Shepherd to visit hospital when Anu is been treated.
    It is wrong for the story to be able Anu not accepting apology at this moment. He is injured and need time to heal both body and mind.

  12. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    The matter has nothing to do with closing down the church of God. Discipline could be ascertained not in the closure of the church. God help you and your friend who have fell victim of the shepherd. Though some others may have him good to then. Such is life my mummy in Christ.

  13. Modupe says:

    Is the shepherd not a shame to your church. Don’t let me open up on him. I have enough evidence to open his yansh to the public about him and my friend, you better rest it here or else…..

  14. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    The Shepherd must go or the church close down ? @ Modupe did I read you well ?
    you are a shame to the Celestial kingdom. a big shame u are.

  15. Modupe says:

    Hmmm. Special Advicer, thanks for your message of peace. The shepherd must go or the church closed down.

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