Where Is This New Title For Women Coming From? (Photo)

December 17, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 3 Comments »

green-motherIt’s amazing why a lot of our members in Celestial Church fold attach so much importance to titles and positions. In fact, it’s only in our church that you see a 31-year-old man, who has been given a higher rank through some shady means by some hungry, selfish and clueless leaders, above a 53-year-old man, will pride himself before him.

The situation, these days, has been so bastardised to the extent that there is no respect even for the sacred office of the Pastor. This obstreperous behavior has not only affected the church in the physical realm but has seriously contaminated the pecking order, which of course, has led us to this state of comatose that we have found ourselves.

It’s only in Celestial Church that a woman of 35 is given a title of Mother Celestial, as long as she has money to buy herself into it, the spiritual interpretation of that title means nothing. What a shame!  As I was made to understand, that title of Mother Celestial was strictly for aged mothers or those who have reached Menopause, these are people who can really be referred to as mothers, true mothers of Celestial.

But today, the title has no respect anymore, once the 37-year-old woman has the pink cape on, she is already an authority; and these are empty vessels that cannot hold water. Ordinary three-member prayer, they cannot successful finish the task without hiccups. This is why some members of the church have dissociated themselves from the anointment brouhaha because it’s no longer credible as it used to be during the time of Papa Oshoffa, the late founder.

Well, shocked to know early this week about this new title for the female members of the church. They are wearing GREEN CAPE. And no one seems to know what that title is or why it’s being initiated.

Your opinion(s) count(s) at this crucial moment that f reformation and the fact that this is one of the things that has dragged us behind too often…

3 responses to “Where Is This New Title For Women Coming From? (Photo)”

  1. LEVI M YANSUNNU says:

    Hallelujah and happy new YEAR OF 2017 everyone in the blessed Name of Jesus Christ!

    I do find that the 2nd comment is alright. To find out the root of this dangerous situation nowadays in the church, please, do go back to the little time before and after our dear father (of blessed memory) Papa OSCHOFFA’s burial. Did Papa OSCHOFFA point at someone in the 5 high rank dignitaries He left, that he would become pastor? If answer could be given to this question, then solution of this big disoder will soon come from nowhere the way darknesses do when appears the light just as an ancient yoruba proverb says “bi ina ba wole, okunkun a parada lese kese”
    Our dignitaries certainly sure while the Prophet was still alive were jealous of Him and dodging maybe His patriarcal dresses, and honour. That is the result of their ignorance about the type of man Papa OSCHOFFA the “elected one of God” was. We all beg for pardon from God and let HIM permit us to return to status quo of 1985. Glory be to God on high!

  2. brother says:

    i will advise the elders of the church to revert all anointment/ranks to status quo 1985

  3. yomi Newton says:

    when the focus of the vision is been marred . left for me every one should go to the first principle of Brother and sister sutana ,for there is no scriptural justification for all these monetised anointments .
    I’ve refused to take further rank until a certain age while those that I ranked higher had surpassed me with supreme mother Celestial,
    custodians/ authority of the church tenet and constitution need to sanitise this wave and craze for garment wears without productivity of spiritual children brought into the kingdom of God.

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