Nigerian Renowned Pastor Condemns Christmas Celebration…Say It’s Demonic

January 3, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 1 Comment »

christmas-celebrationMFM Founder, Pastor Odukoya has dropped a bombshell concerning the celebration of Christmas. Even though many Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas in remembrance of Christ’s birth, this Nigerian pastor totally condemned the act.

According to the report in Daily Post, Pastor D.K. Odukoya, the founder of Mountain of Fire Ministries, MFM, has said he and his church members don’t celebrate Christmas because it’s “demonic”,.

Speaking during the New Year service, the General overseer said, “In Mountain of Fire, we don’t celebrate Christmas because the root is demonic.”

Odukoya frowned at men of God who hide under the umbrella of being clergy to “mesmerise” their “habitual gullible followers.”

He said, “Many a Nigerian pastor swathes himself in that rapacious cloak even as it evolves into an iron cage from which he mesmerises his habitually-gullible followers, leading them on by a leash, into his iron cage.

“It is on scriptural records that Jesus Christ, when winding up his mission of salvation about two thousand years ago, expressed his ambivalence about finding faith in the world when he returns.

“He must have seen with precision the impending decadence awaiting Christendom after his departure.”

He also urged people to be mindful of their criticisms of men of God. “Be careful what you say about a man of God,” he added.

What do you think of this? Any contrary opinion?

One response to “Nigerian Renowned Pastor Condemns Christmas Celebration…Say It’s Demonic”

  1. Beatrice Olowosile JP. says:

    The first example to show that birthday celebration is not scriptural, Pharaoh the Egyptian king celebrated his birthday by ordering his chief baker to be hung according to Joseph’s interpretation of the baker’s dream in the prison. Genesis : 40:3-11.

    The second example was when Herod the Tetrarch reluctantly ordered the beheading of John the Baptist (a great prophet) when he was celebrating his birthday Matthew: 14:3-11.

    The third example was when Job’s first son was celebrating his birthday and his ten sons went there for merriment that God allowed satan to kill his ten sons by a natural force of tornado Job 1:4, vs 6–18 and vs 18-19. May the Almighty God teach us His words and make us the doers of His wonderful words and to obey His commandment till eternity IJMN amen.

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